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Versie 0.9.5 84.2 kB Werkt met Firefox 15.0a1 en hoger

  • Support for DevTools Toolbox (Only available in Aurora and Nightly currently)
  • Network requests for iframes and nested iframes are also shown now
  • Network requests are keyboard accessible and can be navigated using UP/DOWN keys
  • Added access keys for the button which are shown on Alt key press
  • Added a button to clear the Timeline Canvas
  • Timeline is themeable now, as all the CSS and images have been moved to chrome://graphical-timeline/skin/ folder.
  • Collecting anonymous stats about the usage of various UI features in the Timeline. Only for this version.

Note: Toolbox support is a bit experimental right now, although it should work completely fine. The API itself is not yet stable.

More Toolbox related features and fixes coming shortly.

Versie 0.9.4 78.4 kB Werkt met Firefox 15.0a1 en hoger

2 line change to fix a resource location change in Firefox 18 and onwards.

Versie 0.9.3 78.3 kB Werkt met Firefox 15.0a1 en hoger

  • Various Style related fixes
  • Better first run experience, giving hints to user about some important features
  • Passive resizing of Timeline UI, making it faster and smoother

Versie 0.9.2 75.8 kB Werkt met Firefox 15.0a1 en hoger

Removed Firefox 14 support
New icons for the producer options
css redundancy and styling fixes

Versie 0.9.1 75.8 kB Werkt met Firefox 14.0a1 en hoger

install.rdf fix

Versie 0.9.0 75.8 kB Werkt met Firefox 14.0a1 en hoger

  • More UI improvements
  • More performance improvements
  • Added [+] button on Networks Details Pane to open Network Inspect Panel, just like Web Console does
  • Total Time in Network events details
  • Better viewing of headers
  • Better alignment in details pane

Versie 0.8.0 71.7 kB Werkt met Firefox 14.0 en hoger

  • Performance improvements
  • Next generation UI
  • Developer toolbar button

Versie 0.7.0 65.5 kB Werkt met Firefox 14.0 en hoger

  • Many performance related fixes
  • Removed Ticker and the button to toggle producers pane
  • Removed scroll bar from producers pane and added one on the canvas instead
  • changed the behavior of Time ruler to be hold and drag
  • More performance related fixes to come

Versie 0.5.0 58.4 kB Werkt met Firefox 13.* en hoger