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  • Es la extensión que más me agrada en cuestión de usabilidad.
  • WOW!! it really is identical to Google translate Full page!!
    It has all the characteristics of it.
    I liked the fact that it has the "suggest an edit" button, as the original page has and the further explanation of each word!! EXCELLENT job you did on this Addon Guys!! well done! I give all the stars!! ★★★★★ :-)
  • After switching to classic layout from menu I can't restore mobile UI - always classic, mobile only in new private window.
    A workaround is: https://testpilot.firefox.com/experiments/side-view
  • Bonne traduction ! Mais je cherche un traducteur qui, automatiquement, sans demande préalable,traduit d'office toute page qui s'affiche vers la langue souhaitée. Cela existait "avant" mais qu'est-elle devenue? Si cette extension existe encore, quel est son nom à présent ? La trouve-t-on dans les nouvelles extensions de Firefox? Si elle n'existe plus, a-t-elle été remplacée par un autre système, une nouvelle extension? Si remplacée, quel est le nom de cette "nouvelle" extension? Déjà un énorme merci pour votre réponse. Bonne continuation avec Firefox, Respectueusement,
    Good translation ! But I'm looking for a translator who, automatically, without prior request, automatically translates any page that appears to the desired language. It existed "before" but what has become of it? If this extension still exists, what is its name now? Is it found in the new Firefox extensions? If it no longer exists, has it been replaced by another system, a new extension? If replaced, what is the name of this "new" extension? Already a huge thank you for your answer. Good luck with Firefox. Respectfully,
  • Please, a customizable shortcut for opening the popup, instead of clicking the icon on toolbar, would be dope!
  • El mejor no tengo q salir de la pagina
  • No Work. Only one empty window appears
  • bien mais peur faire mieux
  • salam
  • Good addon, but I accidentally switched to a "classic" style and there is no way to go back. I've even tried uninstalling and reinstalling it, and there's nothing in the addon options that refers to such a feature.
  • Werkt NIET waardeoze addon
  • very good
  • Melhor extensão do Google Tradutor para o Firefox, simplesmente fantástico.
  • nice
  • great
  • Fantastic level. With each translation is better
  • Great idea. Especially if If you get used to mobile translator UI.
    Really cheap and easy solution for non trivial problem.
    What is missing for me "one-click" - way to send piece of text from page to translator.
    But anyway it's pure 5. Addon doing exactly what is declared.
  • De momento, es el mejor traductor que he utilizado en Firefox
  • beznadzieja!!!! - w innej przeglądarce jest lepiej, pamięta wpisane wyrazy po wyjściu na inne karty i z powrotem !!!! a trzeba za każdym razem w pisywać od nowa ;/
  • 很慢,然后翻译长句子的时候会看不到翻译,显示的区域不够
  • good
  • helpful
  • The extension does not translate the selected text, but only opens the translator window.

    This is complete idiocy.
  • One of the best translator available to date!
  • I rather prefer the add-on Panel View for Google™ Translate because it allows a floating button over the word you mark.