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  • говно, даже выделенный текст перевести не может.
  • it simply redirects to google website, useless
  • Ne fonctionne plus
  • dont work Translate this page (Your client has issued a malformed or illegal request. That’s all we know.) error 400
  • Great addon, simple and effective.

    One problem though, even though it says hotkeys aren't used it hijacks the hotkey shift+alt+o, and maybe others. Had to remap this hotkey i made for another extension. No biggie but the hotkey should be disabled.

    Also the ability to disable the context menu item would be good.
  • ich sehe immer nur, diese Seite kann nicht übersetzt werden, suchen sie sich einen andere, echt schlecht
  • good
  • It doesn't work, if I click on a word (5 characters!) to translate, it says max 1100 characters, and can't translate.
  • bom
  • На телефоне вообще не переводит, будто дополнителнения и вовсе нет.
  • 아주 좋아요!
    10/10이네요 긴문장의 번역으로 많은 양의 정보를 빠르게 볼수 있어 좋아요.
  • Раньше переводил выделенный текст прямо на странице, а теперь тупо перебрасывает на страницу Google Translator несмотря на настройки "всегда выделенный текст".
  • does not works for pdf files for single word.