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  • Nice addon. BTW, do you plan to migrate it to the new addon framework?

  • not working

  • This came up in a search for Firefox add-ons for Android. It installed, but doesn't work. Firefox 39, Android OS 5.

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    Thanks for reporting this problem. Looks like it only works on the "desktop version" (which you get on tablets and other devices, but not phones).

    I will update the addon to work for the phone version in the next version.

  • For me works perfectly.

  • Really nice and lightweight approach!
    It does exactly what it claims to do.
    BUT it only works at google.COM

    @Developer (I couldn't find a "support section"):
    Since the top level domain ".com" is hardcoded it only works for google.com which I can't use because google redirects me to their locale-specific domain (e.g. google.de, google.it,...).
    5 stars if you fix that issue (e.g. by using a regular expression like
    to match any TLD)

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    I've included your suggestion in the latest version of the addon. If you have any other suggestions, feel free to submit an issue on the github homepage.

  • As of Jan 2015, this addon simply fails to out-trick Google. The redirect is still there.

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    I cannot reproduce your issue. Can you provide your current firefox version and settings, as well as other addons that may conflict?

  • HTTP request rewriting seemed to work, but I still couldn't copy links in the search results, which the addon description says I can do.

    Reply to developer:
    * I'm using Firefox 35
    * I'm in Australia (so using google.com.au)
    * My understanding of what it's supposed to do is based on the description: prevent redirection (either via HTTP request rewriting or HTML URL rewriting) and enable "Copy link location" for search result links.
    * If I've misunderstood the purpose of the addon, then maybe the description isn't clear.

    I'm using Google Search Link Fix instead since it seems to fix both the redirection and ability to copy search result links. (Yes; I saw somewhere that this apparently degrades performance compared to the approach you seem to be taking, but it's good enough for me.)

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    I have added support for other google regions in the latest version of this addon.

    Thanks for providing updated information, and sorry about the misunderstanding.

  • Google Search Results - OK. Please extend the functionality of other Google services!

  • 10/10 too. I installed it on Firefox 33.1.1 on Ubuntu and it works. I can Copy Link Location directly from Google SERP even without restarting Firefox. Perfect match with Adblock Plus. Thank you for developer.

  • 10/10 would want bundled with ABP.