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  • Hello,
    I am using this addon all the time, works fine for me. I use multiple accounts and a combination of local and imap folders.

    I have one problem only, if this could be solved, I'd be so grateful. By default I keep my message pane hidden (F8), so I open my mails in separate windows, by double-clicking them. Whenever I open an email, the message pane pops back on and I have to hide it again every time.

    Is there a solution for this?

    Keep up the good work
  • Hey good work! Is there option to have newest conversation email on top instead of bottom? That would be really helpful!
  • I could be extremely satisfied by this add-on, but unfortunately it does not always works. Infact, sometimes (quite often, I can estimate on 40% of incoming emails), it does not group correctly the conversations, showing other conversations not related with the one I am showing. Is there any way to solve this issue? Has this error been reported by someone else?
  • The addon is really valuable but it quit working after an update to the latest version 52.6.0. It does not work together with the Provider for Google Calendar and as that is more important to me I had to disable the Thunderbird Conversations.
  • The interface is shoddy: It doesn't use native Thunderbird styles, so it looks and feels out of place, and lacks functionality that the traditional view had.
    Your default style settings are ignored in replies.
    If you write a reply, then click on another message before sending, your reply is lost; it is never saved to Drafts.
    It doesn't collapse quotes, which almost entirely defeats the purpose.

    But it does actually make a whole series of messages appear in the same continuous scroll box, so there's that.
  • Using it fr years now and this is really a great extension. Recommend it.
  • This addon is the main reason I'm still using Thunderbird. It works very well and after ajusting some settings I get exactly what I want: a clean interface with a well organized conversation-view.
    It would become even better if one could drag entire conversations (containing mails from different folders i.e. in- and outbox) to a another folder.
  • I only wanted my sent/inbox conversations merged in dedicated threads for each individual account I have, NOT to unify the inboxes of all accounts into ONE! Some accounts are higher priority than others and cannot afford to have them mixed with lower priority accounts! My fault for not reading all the details but was mislead in reading that it was all reversible when uninstalling the app. Well, uninstalled, but still have all my accounts inbox unified in one horrible mess. Fortunately had a backup which I restored. Word of advice to anyone tempted to install this addon, backup your Thunderbird. And it does more than simply merge conversations, it merges multiple accounts inboxes which can be a disaster if not what you wanted. This is not reversible!
    This is very easily reverted with View > Folders > All, a standard Thunderbird option.
  • It adds a few new columns in the message list which is brilliant. Now you can finally have a proper thread display.
    But then it messes with the message display window/pane. It uglifies the header view, changes the quick filter button display and what not. I had to uninstall it.
  • Polecam ten dodatek do tego klienta poczty. Zawsze pierwsza czynność po instalacji Mozilla Thunderbird pierwsza moja czynność to logowanie i instalowanie tego dodatku właśnie. Bardzo ułatwia zarządzanie pocztą poprzez pokazywanie odebranych i wysłanych wiadomości pod sobą.
  • Many thanks to the author(s) and contributor(s) of Thunderbird Conversation that creates such extremely cool add-on and the recent update to support the Thunderbird latest version 52.3.0 as well.

    Can I give feature suggestion here?

    I would suggest that it will be more efficient and user-friendly if most recent message(s) are shown at top and the earlier messages below. In other words, show messages in chronological order. Because, if the conversation is long, each time a new message arrive, user have to scroll and scroll and scroll to reach the target message.

    Or, as a flexible feature, provide an option for user to select their preferred order, either 'chronological' or 'reverse chronological' order.

    Hope to receive your feedback soon!
  • This is (together with Lightning) my main add-on to make Thunderbird even better.
  • Thunderbird level up thanks to this app!
  • I love this plugin because it brings messages and replies close together – this is standard behaviour in messenging apps and some email applications but still not everywhere.

    And I'm happy that it still/finally received an update recently that makes it cleaner in many areas!

    The user interface seems to suffer a little bit from the mix with the Thunderbird interface (quite some boxes/lines from chrome, different message list composition in different windows). I guess that is hard to solve without touching Thunderbird core elements, however.
  • v2.13.2 works fine with my Thunderbird 52.2.1. Thanks a lot for this plugin - it helps to keep my inbox very well organised.
  • Do a very good job on discussion view between sent and received mails. But it would be very nice to easily change the 'skin' of the pluggin.
    Prevousily I modified a css file in my profile to look more professionnal (less round corners and blue colors, more button than web links) but it is now broken by update (which includes askin going in my way). Can you add this feature please ?
    4 stars because quite slow sometimes.
    I almost forgot, thank you very much for all job !
  • It's a great add-on, but I did not notice that it is not compatible with TB 52. That's probably why my replies are no longer shown.

    I'll reuse it once that feature is back on.
    Thanks for the comments, we've just released a new version that is compatible with TB 52. You should be able to update to it by going to Tools -> Addons and selecting the Cog symbol and "Check for updates"
  • I have been using the latest release of Thunderbird Conversations with tb 52.2.1. everything seems to work except 1 small function. I am suing another addon called categories and when adding contacts the categories do not show up. I must save and go into the record and then choose my categories. Slight annoyance. otherwise the program works nicely.
  • Thank you so much for your release, this essential add-on works again on TB 52.2 !
    Thanks for the comments, we've just released a new version that is compatible with TB 52 on this website :-)
  • Without this plugin Thunderbird is isn't very usable for someone coming from more modern email clients. This plugin should be included by default in my opinion...
  • I depended on this add on so much and I was so devasted when this add on was no longer working for the latest version of Mozilla Thunderbird. I wish they could do something about it.
    Thanks for the comments, we've just released a new version that is compatible with TB 52. Sorry it took a while. You should be able to update to it by going to Tools -> Addons and selecting the Cog symbol and "Check for updates", or just downloading and installing the new version.
  • See here:

  • Finally got it to work with never builds of Thunderbird when updated from this repository. https://jonathan.protzenko.fr/thunderbird-conversations

    Big thank to Jonathan for keeping upp the good work!
    Thanks for the comments, we've just released a new version that is compatible with TB 52 and available on this site now.
  • It was awesome but stopped woking now(Thunderbird version 52 and above). Hope the author is working on it.
    Thanks for the comments, we've just released a new version that is compatible with TB 52. You should be able to update to it by going to Tools -> Addons and selecting the Cog symbol and "Check for updates"
  • Schade, seit Version 52.0 keine Funktion.