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Waarom is FT GraphiteGlow gemaakt?

"BFT GraphiteGlow", as its predecessors from the "Bloomind FT" serie, was born from my passion for graphic design and for my favorite browser. Through the creation of this very smooth theme, I just wanted to bring a little touch of modernity and elegance that simplicity's lovers will surely appreciate.
For now, the theme is only available for Windows and Linux users (I can t test it on MAC, but for those who would like to try it anyway on that platform, you can force download and once the package downloaded on your computer, you can try to install it manually by draggind it into the addon manager). It has been specially designed for Seven, but rendering is relatively accurate on XP and Linux.

Wat biedt de toekomst voor FT GraphiteGlow

If Firefox users will continue to enjoy my work, if I ll have time and also the necessary support, I plan to regularly update GraphiteGlow so it could be compatible with future versions of Firefox.

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