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  • Hace lo que tiene que hacer

  • Excellent !


  • La verdad una herramienta genial lo use por mucho tiempo Actualizen para las nuevas versiones de firefox !!!

  • אין אפשרות להוסיף אותה

  • Doesn't work

  • Удобный, понятный и достаточно простой клиент, но со всеми нужными функциями.

  • Très pratique pour aider les néophytes du transfert de fichiers.
    Merci beaucoup à xenex63 pour avoir indiqué les alternatives à firefox !!

  • Il n'y a rien d'équivalent, mais ça ne fonctionne plus avec FF Quantum.
    J'abandonne Firefox !
    Cette extension exceptionnelle est compatible avec Palemoon, Basilisk, Waterfox (et aussi Cyberfox)

  • Buena

  • Not compatible with the latest Firefox update!

  • I am using mozilla only for File Ftp ,and you removed this .

  • That is convenient for downloading some data.

  • This has been a lifesaver for getting files on to my websites!

  • Funcionaba muy bien hasta que actualicé FireFox. Ahora ya no es compatible.

  • This add-on is not compatible with your version of Firefox.

  • muy buena..

  • The Best! You could have the option to only activate it separately.
    Because sometimes I want to access the FTP through the browser and not through the extension. And it's hard to have to disable the extension, restart Firefox for this.

  • Es una de mis extensiones preferidas. Una pena que no funcione con la última actualizacion de Firefox.

  • It is the best one, please just need update latest version firefox.

  • I really hope FireFTP will continue to support the new Firefox Quantum, this is the best use of the plug-in I used.

  • heeh

  • Por favor hagan la actualización paRA LA ULTIMA VERSIÓN DE FIREFOX FEBRERO 2018

  • I loved FireFTP as an addon, and have used it for 5 years now. With the new Firefox Quantum not supporting it I have no idea what I'm going to do. I really wish they would support the work here.

  • Not Applicable for Firefox 58.0.1 (64-bit)