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  • It sounded like a great idea...I installed it, it logged me out of Facebook and cleared the FB cookies ast stated, so it got one star. Since installing it blocked all attempts to log in to Facebook. At the FB login page I entered email and password, clicked on the 'Log in' button, but nothing happened, no screen refresh no error message.
    When I disabled the add-on, I was once again able to log-in to Facebook.
    It did not change the tab colour to blue, I do not have any Multi-Account Container add-ons.
    Hence no more stars can be awarded.
  • What can I say? I use Facebook, but I really don't want it tracking me on sites that I don't give it explicit permission. This add-on is perfect for that.
  • حلوة فكرتها مفترض يزينون لتويتر زيها خلي فايرفوكس يحجب تطبيقات من تطفل على المواقع
  • HaHa
  • Facebook Container is not working on either of my laptops. I've done everything suggested, downloaded the addon, enabled, checked automatically update, but I do not see the blue line under the facebook tab nor do I see facebook in blue to the right of the address bar. I have searched for support for this but have been unable to find any. This app is useless to me as is. Can anyone tell me how to make it work?
  • Wie mittlerweile fast alle Adblocker verlangsamt das Add-on den Browser. Facebook friert ein, sobald ich längere Zeit auf anderen Websites unterwegs war. Der Aufbau von Fb dauert danach dann sehr lange. Außerdem geht das Gerät nach 2 Min. Pause in den Standbybetrieb. Ich habe das Add-on wieder gelöscht. Warum es von FF empfohlen wird, weiß ich nicht.
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