Soooooooooooooo Nice Plugin Waardering 5 van 5 sterren

just a perfect addon. Debuging made easy with xdebug under Eclipse and this addon

does not work with latest firefox FF 43.0.3 Waardering 4 van 5 sterren

addon stopped working on FF 43.0.3, it does not set cookie at all then i click on the toolbar icon. The icon itself changes but the cookie is not set.

by the way it would be nice if there was an issue tracker, maybe you could place your code in bitbucket or github.

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dear gamesh,
nice to hear from you again + thanks for the bugreport. i added a github entry for the addon to track issues as you recomendet:

i even added it as an issue :-)

what version of the addon do you use(i released v0.9.4 a view days ago for e10 support)? what operating system do you use (i normaly just test it on my linux system..)? would it be possible for you to test it with a clean profile, that we can find out if its an issue with a different addon or a configuration problem? how to do that without killing your existing one is described at
after that install just this addon and test it again.

i would be happy to hear the outcome, have a good new years eve, thomas.

Good plugin, changing value of debug cookie not working Waardering 5 van 5 sterren

Hi - not sure where else to report this issue. Using the latest FF 42.

The plugin won't use a custom debug cookie value set in the plugin preferences. For example rather than the value being "netbeans-xdebug" I want to set that to "PHPSTORM". I do this in the preferences, but the value is not respected it still uses "netbeans-xdebug". This is also important for those that want to set a more secure password-like value.

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Thanks for the feedback and the rating :-)
i just tested if i could set the cookie value and it worked on my machine. what operating system do you use? could you test if you can change the cookie value with a clean firefox profile? (to do that its easyest to start firefox with the option -P, than the profile choosing dialog will appear, and you can create a clean one and install the addon).
if that doesnt fix it, my mailadress is comicbuchleser the-famous-at (might take a while to get an answer, im travaling at the moment).

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Works great.

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0.7.0 issue Waardering 5 van 5 sterren

Version 0.7.0 isn't working on my Firefox 28. Icons are not shown at all in the plugin bar. Going back to version 0.6.2 which works perfectly. Sorry for using this way to report the error but I can't find another way to do it. BTW I like this plugin because with the original one cookies expired all the time while with your plugin everything works ok. Thanks.

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thanks for the feedback! to make the buttons visible in ff 29 i had to change the component vom widget to button, which it seems isnt compatible with the versions below.. i included the link to the older versions in the addon description.

Works Waardering 5 van 5 sterren

I already had xdebug set up and working in netbeans. Installed this plugin and it just worked with the default settings :)

Was going to use the original easy Xdebug as it is mentioned everywhere when you google "netbeans xdebug firefox". However it has not been updated for about 2 years, so I decided to try this.

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