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  • I have been looking for something to help me keep some of my personal information private. It seems just about everyday there is something on the news with something or someone being hacked. I came across the Blur app and took it for a spin. The app is pretty clean-cut and I really like the masked email option to help me keep some of the marketing and spam emails under control. When I get done with the email I just toss it and get a new one. The account and password module was nice. I thought the passphrase was a little weird. I haven’t come across any app or extension that has done a passphrase like Blur, but I guess it helps with security. I figured the password portion of the extension would be complicated though when I first started. However, it was very simple to get started and signed me right into my account like it says it would. I am looking into the masked credit card option. If it’s as easy as the rest of it has been I would totally recommend it to anyone who wants to keep their information from showing up on the dark web.

  • Great app if you want to keep sensitive information private. Only complaint I have is sometimes the masked credit card feature doesn't work for me but that has always been resolved when I have contacted support.

  • Masked Card does not work outside of the USA

  • A must have !! Very usefull for masked mail

  • Brilliant!! I started with the freeware version & I thought that was pretty darned good. being on a pension I gravitate to freeware, but muddling around, getting good support, etc.... I joined as a premium user. Also, when Firefox was going through it's Massive upheaval & everything was "hitting the fan"; I was tempted to move to another browser, but BLUR was even a help getting through that ugly time! Again - great support! Now, I am no great I.T. whiz-kid; I'm getting too old for that, but compared to other Privacy & Protection add-ons, Blur is a must for those like me that may be a tad Tech-challenged; this is a must have. Despite the fact I just found that it doesn't "Blur" Australian Purchase Cards it's still great. I still have other Privacy & Protection add-ons, in action - despite hardly knowing what I'm doing cos MOST App/Add-on authors assume too much prior knowledge. I ran a high level test to check vulnerabilities; to find that all was screwed down tight. Thanks, very much to Blur! There may not "be many Reviews" of Blur, but that may be 'cos there ain't much to complain about! That's my humble Aussie non-whiz-kid opinion. ;)

  • Blur is hands-down the best password manager/ privacy app out there. Masked Emails are a super quick and easy way to block spam, plus Masked Cards are a life saver when I don't feel like giving out my credit card (which is often). 5 stars

  • Blur is the best password manager I've found (and I've tried them all). The mix of privacy features like masked emails and numbers combined with the really great auto-fill makes this a "can't live without" extension. Their UI needs a refresh, but that's about it. 5 stars.

  • Seems BLUR and MASKME are together or what ever. Over 60K users yet only 853 ratings. Should tell you all you need here

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    Blur is the evolution of MaskMe -- all the same great features + more. I hope you'll give us a try and let us know at blur-support [ at ] abine.com if you have any questions - we're here to help.

  • The application has kept all my information safe in one place. It and does get confused with some web forms but I noticed this with other web forms as well. Also, it works flawlessly on my new iPhone which I just upgraded to a 6. I like how everything is easily accessible. The tech support is excellent and helpful. Thank You

  • Overall I like this extension and service, but I purchased 3 years of service and after 2 weeks I was downgraded to the free version losing my phone number.

  • Great app, especially now it becomes more and more clearly how careless some companies are with one's online privacy

  • The extension Im looking for. Very good app!

  • Great app to hide your email address or whatever else you want to pay to hide e.g. phone, credit card etc

  • Insanely good!
    I can't believe everyone's not using this? Really?

  • The app is doing good so far.

  • This seems like a great service. I paid for a full year subscription on iOS not knowing the credit card and phone features aren't available for Australian users, or most countries outside the US. PLEASE could you add Australia to the list? And if no, why?

  • Quickly gets the information needed to login or create accounts.
    Only gripe is the popup window obscures the field to be filled. Minor but irritating.

  • I love blur, but I hate when the server seems to be down (on my android I notice "you seem to be offline"). It's an excellent product and thanks for fixing android checkout problems, much appreciated!

  • Relatively problem-free user experience. Feature-rich services.

  • great add on
    keep up

  • Excellent product but has for me one irritating aspect and that is that on some websites, the Email Masking option does not appear when you right click on the page's email input. Do the developers have any suggestions as to why this happens and is there anything I can do to correct it?

  • You can't backup data (even manually) if you're a free user. So basically if a mishap happens, you lose access to all accounts created via Blur. The add-on was so good, until I learned about this.

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    Hi There. Even as a free user you can backup your data at any time. Simply navigate to your settings page and set your data to backup locally, or you can choose to export your stored data on demand at any time.

  • Amazing seamless integration to other sites and protects well....

  • Really easy to use which is why I love it so much

  • I loved Mask.Me, the original version of Blur.

    I had been using blur since its rebranding until I damaged my laptop about 2-3 years ago. I recently purchased a new one in Dec 2017. I added blur immediately to store all my accounts and password.

    Today, 2/25/18, I reset my firefox settings to its default and it re-installed my firefox addons. When I logged back into my blur account, ALL OF MY INFO WAS GONE.

    What a useless addon. What is the point of having a blur login account?


    I will now use firefox's password manager.

    The add-on also slowed my browser when I was working on my new wordpress based site.