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  • For an extension that's supposed to be about privacy, the fact that the permissions have changed to now require "unlimited storage of client side data" is incredibly suspicious.
  • one simple addons with maximum ability
  • Why do you not have options - this new update caches pages - and I don't want that - sure, some might - hence the need for choices.
    so - uninstalled.
  • Would be great but often "forgets" what I whitelisted on FF. No problem w/Opera or Chrome, but I don't want to use them as they're less secure. Since I disabled this on FF opening browser is faster because my home page isn't blacklisted by this ext. Yes, I even whitelisted my homepage in FF options. Running Windows. Give me a solution and I'll gladly change my review. Using other quality priv/sec ext.s so not flying naked, but this was, could be a nice layer. Yeah, I saw the instructions about installing it before other P&S ext.s. Still "forgets". This is review is meant to be constructive, not negative. I know these ext.s are hard work.
  • Ne me convient pas du tout.