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Versie 347.2 KiB Werkt met Firefox 3.0 - 56.*

This version includes a few bug fixes as well as small changes derived from user feedback.
Please continue to send us your comments and suggestions, we love to hear from you!

Versie 310.0 KiB Werkt met Firefox 3.0 - 10.*

Includes a major bug fix, that caused the add-on to fail in showing any results under some conditions.

Versie 309.3 KiB Werkt met Firefox 3.0 - 4.0.*

Full support for Firefox 4 (DeeperWeb is now faster than ever!)
This version also includes a few minor bug fixes.

Versie 1.2.1 301.0 KiB Werkt met Firefox 3.0 - 3.6.*

Some long awaited features were implemented:
* The ability to hide zoomies. You can now hide specific zoomies by clicking on the "hide" link near the right edge of the the zoomie's heading.
* A "News" zoomie now displays news relevant to your query.
* An option to choose whether clicking on links in zoomies will result in a new foreground tab, a new background tab or in the current tab.
* A convenience addition: search directly from new tabs.
* A preferences window, from where you can enable/disable some of the above features.
* Some performance improvements
* A few minor bug fixes.

Versie 1.1.5 292.0 KiB Werkt met Firefox 3.0 - 3.6.*

This version includes a few fixes and enhancements:
* The sidebar now remembers it's closed/open state. In other words, closing the sidebar will keep it closed for subsequent searches, until opened again.
* The extension now works with Google AJAX Search
* Fixed wrong encoding when searching in foreign languages (e.g., Chinese)
* Enhancements to the Resources Zoomie: you can now see more PDF files (usually containing articles, white-papers and eBooks) relevant to your query.