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  • FANTASTIQUE...a recommandé!!!!

  • Cleans most cookies effectively, but seems not to pick up all of them because I have to use CCleaner's cookie cleaning tool to remove residual cookies that are missed.

    The controls are great, as is the ability to export white/greylist backups. It would be good if Firefox sync could be used to keep these lists across the different computers in my FF account. Some of the options are a little obscure, particular with regard to how Cookie AutoDelete works with FF containers.

    It would also be good, in the case of a red label on the blue icon, which cookies fall outside of the whitelist and are to be deleted.

  • Merci beaucup. Très satsfait.

  • Does not delete cookies from containers. I've followed all the instructions and the correct settings are checked.

  • 日本人ユーザー向けに。実は私はAndroidのchromiumで使用してますが、感謝の意を込めてレビューします。
    Thank you very much!

  • Simple and convenient way of keeping tracking cookies to a minimum without getting in the way of a good browsing experience

  • This add-on is a must have for security engineers or security conscious people as well as developers (including QA). The capability to allow cookies for specific sites while deleting them for other sites while supporting Firefox's awesome container tab feature pushed the 5th star for me.

  • I hate having to login to certain sites over and over, especially if I've enabled two-factor authentication on my account and can't be bothered opening Authy on my phone every time, so I like to keep my cookies for as long as possible. However, an overabundance of cookies in your Firefox profile directory is both a privacy and a performance nightmare, and it's often necessary to clear your cookies in order to correct certain browsing issues, which means re-logging into all of your usual haunts.

    With Cookie AutoDelete, you can choose which cookies you want to keep, and it will automatically (or manually, if you like) delete all of the other cookies that you haven't specifically protected. It protects cookies by whitelisting URLs whose cookies you want to keep, and you can choose only to protect certain types of cookie from specific sub-domains. You can also specify how often and under what circumstances you wish the add-on to silently clear unprotected cookies in the background. If you like, you can have the add-on notify you every time it does this. The toolbar icon shows the number of cookies the current URL is generating and the icon is also colour-coded to show whether or not cookies are protected on the current URL (blue for "yes", red for "no"). The convenience and usability of Cookie AutoDelete is very high.

    There's not much in the way of competition for this add-on, it's simply the best of its kind that I've used. I'm including in that comparison those cookie-management add-ons which are exclusive to other browsers like Chrome.

  • 20180615-Fr., Sweeps up the cookies w/ nice controls.

  • efficace. merci

  • Super useful and flexible!

  • The "clean" button is confusing. There's no indication of what it does since it doesn't seem to affect the current domain. I always use the dropdown to do the cleaning I want.

    I wish this was like Self-Destructing Cookies so that it would clean cookies and localstorage when you leave that domain. I don't like having to manually clean, close the tab or quit the browser. At least make it an option in the preferences to automatically clean on leaving non-whitelisted sites.

  • love it !!

  • just grt extension

  • Does a great job of killing cookie trackers and has a nice interface for whitelisting exceptions. Now I don't have to worry that I am going to forget that I am being tracked as I switch between sites.

  • Works great with very few glitches. You cannot have enough privacy in this day and age, either from FANG companies, the Federal Government, etc.


  • Super add-on, does exactly what it promises with lots of possible settings. This should be directly integrated in a browser that takes privacy seriously. I love that localstorage is managed too.

  • Thank goodness for this extension. Finally a way to "change your cookie settings at any time" like all the privacy notification popups tell you you can.

  • Amazing Addon. Great many thanks to the developer for this work.

    Two suggestions:

    1. Functionality: Ability to set default clean action in the pop up menu. Currently the default action of the clean button is to clear all cookies except whitelist, but the most used action is clearing cookies for the current domain. Could it be possible to let user select the default action of the button or set the default action as clear cookies from current domain.

    1. Aesthetics: The logo improvement: The circular badge being of the same color as of the bin, it is not very clear especially when it shows as a little button in the firefox. My suggestion is to loose the circle and make the bin with lid and cookie as the logo. The Popup Menu Improvement: The width of the menu could be made smaller, and the color scheme of the buttons be more subtle, currently they are too strong colors.

  • Works as intended thanks i do not want useless cookie(s)...kj

  • Best extension to delete cookies. Keep up the good work !

  • Works great for what I need.

  • BEST

  • After having used many others I also tried this one for a couple of weeks, but it didn't do it for me. Especially the UI is confusing, enable/disable state is a gamble, you don't see what you're deleting. I ended up using Cookiebro instead, which is more intuitive, easier to whitelist cookies, easier to partly or temporarily black/whitelist cookies, separates sessions cookies, and most of all: You see the exact cookies that are active listed, and can choose to clear them all in one go, or tag the ones you prefer to stay etc. I'm really surprised to see so few are using Cookiebro and so many have picked this one. Cookiebro really beats this one. Easier on the eyes too.