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Versie 0.1.1 23.0 kB Werkt met Firefox 31.0 en hoger, Thunderbird 24.0 en hoger

UNNECESSARY FOR FIREFOX 31 AND UP! Middle-clicking *will* close the last tab now, even without this add-on installed. Still needed for Thunderbird.

Versie 0.1.0 22.9 kB Werkt met Firefox 21.0 en hoger, Thunderbird 24.0 en hoger

Now proudly supporting Thunderbird! Also upgraded to Add-on SDK version 1.16, and not bundling it, either (download size shrinks from ~100 kB to ~20 kB).

Versie 0.0.5 105.5 kB Werkt met Firefox 13.0 en hoger

Updated to use Add-on SDK 1.14, which is required "to work with Firefox 22".

Versie 99.7 kB Werkt met Firefox 12.0 en hoger

Updated to use Add-ons SDK version 1.13.2, which "includes an important fix in memory consumption".

Versie 0.0.4 93.1 kB Werkt met Firefox 12.0 en hoger

Fixed: changes in browser.tabs.closeWindowWithLastTab via about:config are now reflected in about:addons (not just vice versa).

Also fixed an error message in Firefox > Web Developer > Error Console (thanks to AMO reviewer Kris Maglione!). Can you figure out where? :)

Versie 0.0.3 87.0 kB Werkt met Firefox 12.0 en hoger

namespace refactoring in preparation for full review

Versie 0.0.2 86.3 kB Werkt met Firefox 12.0 en hoger

fixed event listener removal on disabling of add-on

removed duplicate description (no choice but to allow to automagically serve up its copy)

Versie prefs.rev62 86.0 kB Werkt met Firefox 14.0 en hoger

initial release