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With it's enabled, Firefox always pops up a "Master Password Required" dialog AT START-UP, which is extremely annoying.

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perfect, always update to be compatible, do not speak English lol. Portuguese - Brazil

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It was good; but not impressive Waardering 4 van 5 sterren

This plug-in works on all web pages and generates relevant contents on most. So, yes, it works. It is easy to use too.

But it does not impress. Internet Explorer 11's Reading Mode works much better, although the latter doesn't work on every web page.

To give specifics, this add-on fails to render all relevant contents. Try it on a Wikipedia article and you see what I mean.

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Всё хорошо работает в Chrome и Opera (что понятно), а вот в Firefox после каждой сохранённой статьи приходится перелогиниваться - иначе не сохраняет последующую, просто прокручивается вхолостую. Кэш и куки чистил, браузер переустанавливал, - не помогает. Да и на других PC было то же самое. Уж не знаю, то ли у меня руки, извините, не из того места, то ли у вас недоработки какие-то. Посему только 3.

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Today it started crashing my firefox. I had to remove it. Then I tried to add it and login with it, but whenever I click on it's preferences (to log in to evernote), it crashes.

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As the www gets increasingly cluttered and full of clickbait, this is an awesome plugin to get to the article without all the other garbage. Not just for people with ADHD, anyone can enjoy reading online. Evernote is awesome too, that's how I heard about Clearly. I also recommend the Evernote plugin for clipping web pages and articles.

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This would be 5 stars but for one irritating bug: even when I'm signed into my Evernote account in my browser, the first time I use Clearly after launching Firefox, it demands that I sign in again. Can't the add-on be designed to detect when the user is already signed in?

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快捷键无法使用,用鼠标点击这个扩展图标,开启阅读模式之后才能使用,所以快捷键Control + Alt + Right Arrow只能用于退出阅读模式。希望能改进。

Не работает Waardering 2 van 5 sterren

Не загружает в Evernote

So Far So Good Waardering 5 van 5 sterren

Now that I've installed this add-on, I'm wondering what took me so long. It cleans up web pages beautifully, and I like the fact that I can save web pages in my Evernote account. So far, I'm really digging Evernote Clearly!

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不错的想法,不过有不少小问题 Waardering 3 van 5 sterren



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Whenever i try to install the Clearly and Evernote on a new installation of firefox on adroid, they refuse as they are "not compatible" with the latest version of firefox (this time 32.0.3). Is it not posible to make the installers open-ended concerning the ff version? It is realy painfull to have to uninstall curent version of firefox, then dig some old one, install these two extensions, plus few other, and then wait for ff to auto-update, and inherit these plugins.

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I'd often like to share a stripped-down article, but I have to use Readability to do that because Instapaper and WhatEvernote don't have a spine.

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Looks great but the keyboard shortcuts don't work in the latest FF version.

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Muito bom, funciona como o leitor do Safari no Mac OS X e ainda tem a opcão de salvar na sua conta Evernote.

仍然和 NoScript 不兼容 Waardering 3 van 5 sterren

难道非得使用注入式JScript 技术?难道非得让NoScript临时信任网站后才能使用Clearly?

Slick add-on, works well with the Scrapbook add-on to clean webpages up, before saving them. Waardering 5 van 5 sterren

I use this often to clean-up webpages prior to saving them with the Scrapbook add-on. I keep the Clearly icon right on my toolbar next to Scrapbook icon for easy use. Not only makes saved pages much more neat and clean, but it also makes the resulting Scrapbook entry much smaller in file storage size, which is a great help for avid Scrapbook users with HUGE numbers of saved webpages.

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Happy reading and convenient to capture things to Evernote!

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