easy way to open chm file by double click In Ubuntu Waardering 5 van 5 sterren

I test the following in Ubuntu Gutsy\r\nStep1.just create a bash file,type the following:#!/bin/bash\r\nfirefox \"chm:file:///$1\"\r\n\r\nsave it as firefoxchmview.sh(or other name you prefered)\r\n\r\nStep2.then in the terminal:\r\nchmod u+x firefoxchmview.sh\r\n\r\nStep3.right click you chm file, open properties, select \"Open With\" tab, click \"add\" button, in the new window called \"Add Applicatin\", expand \"use a custom command\", browse to you script, then click add button, then click close button.\r\nNow, you can double click you chm file to open it in firefox

Deze beoordeling betreft een eerdere versie van de add-on (