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  • I love and used this every day please make compatible with the Quantum!?

  • Does what it needs to

  • I loved this addon when it worked a version update or two ago, but it has since stopped working.

  • FF47.
    I Installed this add-on, went to a page with boxes to tick, and read instructions for add -on use.
    'Select area of page with tickboxes'.
    Select how, exactly? Click and drag selected everything else but omits the check boxes. Right click has no check option. I can't find any way to actually use this.

  • Works great (FF 47.0.1). Thanks so much for this great little time-saver!

  • Great addon, couldn't live with out... but it's broken now; had to go back to an older firefox version.

  • Use it for bad websites with loads of checkboxes. A nice helpful tiny tool

  • Just works :)

  • On facebook events no more working.......... fix or suggest me a news apps..

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    I don't have a FB account any more...is there any publicly available page I can test against?

  • Saved me a lot of clicking

  • This add-on does what it is intended for and it allows to save a lot of time!

  • Awesome! Just use the keyboard and press Ctrl + A (at the same time) then right click on the highlighted text and you will see the Check All or Uncheck All option in the right click menu.

  • Easy Simple and flawless

  • simple add-on, don't use it everyday but when I need it, I'm really glad to have it. It's really handy when doing long surveys

  • Very useful for filling out forms and site moderation. Does exactly what it's meant to with no extra junk.

  • If you have two or more columns of checkboxes and want to check/uncheck only one column and leave other columns alone, this add-on works nicely. On the Mac, hold down the CMD key while dragging in order to highlight a single column. Then right-click and select "check"/"uncheck" to add/remove checks to the boxes.

  • just one thing: doesn't work correctly on Sites like "ebay"...
    to make this work on ebay press CTRL and select the checkboxes with arectangle of the mouse.
    please fix this!
    thanx in advance.

  • i miss checkboxmate.. it worked correctly.. this one doesn't

    it cant handle any form that has more than 1 checkbox per row

  • Muito bom!

    Estava procurando por um complemento como esse há pelo menos 3 anos!


  • Was looking for a replacement for CheckBoxMate and this one really does the job well!

  • Works well with Firefox 3.6.
    This was a good hint:
    "just select all and right click then select check"
    Ctrl-A works well.

    Excellent tool for unchecking all here, except cancelled events

  • works perfectly with ff 5 - soo damn useful - hope you generate some money from this dude - for those who say its not intuitive - just select all and right click then select check -- thats easy enough for me THANKS MATEY

  • Installed into FF5.0 with no problems, works perfectly - thanks for a great Add-on, has saved me hours of time!

  • This web page (in the box) says it works with FF v5; the RDF says v4. Hacking the RDF for v5 lets it install in v5, but it does not seem to be working in v5.

  • Ok everyone here is a modified version that will work with Firefox 4.0

    I modified it via the instructions in gtmb's comment and it works well. Just download then drag and drop into the browser and hit "Install"

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    Thanks for the assist. I've recently updated it to support 4.0.*. I've also added it to GitHub. The CheckFox project (and the XPI most users would be interested in) can be found here: https://github.com/seanleblanc/CheckFox

    For those willing to wait, it's been submitted to Mozilla Add-Ons, as well.