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  • I use LavaFox Purple, and reviewed that , but this part applies to every ZigBoom Theme.
    LavaFox/BlacFox are Awesome Themes, that Mozilla's "Chrome" Quantum (Firefox v57+) have abandoned, alongside many of mu must have extensions. Thing is they are must have's Quantum isn't, so I ditched it, for Pale Moon.
    This gives some info on keeping your Zigboom Theme.

    ZigBoom's Facebook Post
    -=< The Future of Firefox Themes >=-

    Mozilla announced that Firefox will stop supporting themes when version 57 hits the official channel. Since there are no signs of new theme API, Mozilla is disabling all 3rd party themes on the next version bump.
    Our themes LavaFox & BlackFox will keep supporting other Firefox Forks, mainly Waterfox & Pale Moon.
    The latest theme versions are fully compatible with Waterfox and will keep updating.
    Pale Moon is supported with themes version 2.5.0. Special version will be uploaded to Pale Moon's add-on site as soon as possible.
    All the themes are available here: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/user/4710003/

    Previous Versions Links
    So that answers my future concerns, and only leaves the Pale Moon's current v2.5.0 requirement.
    I've worked out the Previous versions link is same format used for the Extensions.
    You Simply add, the next line to any Add-ons base page address

    BlackFox V2-Blue (Main Page Address)

    Adding the versions section, make sure to add a leading "/" if your Firefox address is missing it

    BlackFox V2-Blue Version History

    Install v2.5.0, for Pale Moon until Zigboom can provide the custom Pale Moon Themes, which will be posted here

  • Buen tema

  • Rendez le moi Merci

  • I love this theme. but it won't let me use it on the updated firefox.

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    Thanks for your review ! Firefox blocks all 3rd party themes & legacy add-ons at version 57. You can try Waterfox, it's fully compatible.

  • Please Please Please, I am begging you, please make a Firefox 57 compatible version of Blackfox V2-Blue. PLEASE--my eyes need the dark color AND the compact design of Blackfox (or Lavafox) UI. PLEASE make a compatible version, I am begging you, please.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the Blackfox V2-Blue theme. I can't use the internet without it. Thank you thank you thank you!

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    Thanks for your review !
    Sadly Mozilla does not allow 3rd party themes on version 57, we can't do anything about it technically.
    I suggest trying Waterfox, a fork of Firefox that supports new and old add-on systems. It works perfectly with the current theme version.
    Pale Moon also works well with version 2.5.0 of the theme.

  • Минусы: почти незаметная (темно-синяя) подсветка текущей вкладки и (темно-серая) кнопок следующего / предыдущего вхождения искомого сочетания на странице. Некоторые экраны настройки становятся нечитабельными - http://hostingkartinok.com/show-image.php?id=5f8a89d2d83464fe9b5d133db8d3d0de

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    Hi, it seems that you're describing a bug, not sure about translation .. For bug reports please contact us on http://www.zigboom.com

  • First few minutes of exploring the new layout styles I was impressed, very smooth.

    I will give 5 stars after I check it out for a while as long as there is no malicious code. If it's good, after about a week I will throw you some cash.

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    Thanks isc22 for your review ! Looking forward to see you back with that extra star ;-)
    Thanks very much for considering a donation!

  • Just stumbled on this theme and already love it. Big thank you to the developer.

  • gefällt mir sehr

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    Thanks for your feedback!

  • Nice. But isn't it a little laggy? And consider I am running it on a high-end machine.

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    Thanks for your feedback!
    If it was laggy we would probably know already so many downloads. maybe something specific on your setup ..
    For support contact us on www.zigboom.com

  • Great job
    Always liked your themes ,Obvious Lot of time and effort put in to these themes ,
    But the big thanks goes to always keeping your great work updated as i see lots of abandoned themes here.
    Thank Much!

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    Thanks for your review ! very nice to hear .. you're welcome !

  • Agora esta muito melhor utilizar o Firefox, esta mais agradável, esta muito lindo! Gostei bastante deste tema! Obrigado :)) .
    Português - Brasil

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    Thanks ! Enjoy !!

  • NICE! I very much like this theme! At least try it out before you pass it up!

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    Thanks for your review !

  • Bonito, discreto e sofisticado. Excelente!

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    Thanks for your review! Obrigado! (translated by Google) :)

  • Awesome theme! Very stylish. And unlike most dark themes, it doesn't use dark-on-dark tab labels (maddening!), but light text on dark, which you can actually read... Great work!

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    Thanks for your review!

  • With the GoogleSharing plugin, under options there is a check mark to indicate whether each proxy server is enabled or not. When using BlackFox the check marks are black and the background is black as well. This effectively renders the check marks invisible. I therefore have to change Firefox back to the default theme whenever I want to check my GoogleSharing proxy status. BlackFox correctly changes all of the text, such as host name and port to white on a black background. Only the check mark is incorrectly displayed as black on a black background.

    I would greatly appreciate it if this could be corrected in the next update.


  • Very clean and easy to use theme for firefox.

    Coloring is subtle and not overbearing.

  • i love this..awesome :D

  • I am in agreement with the previous review. I was delighted with the previous look (v 1.3.7 & earlier) of this theme, it had been my theme for several months. Wish that I had not even OK'd the update to V2.
    The previous version of the toolbar buttons had a subtle "pop." The new toolbar buttons are so tiny and low (NO) contrast as to be nearly invisible, a PAIN to use.
    I really do not care if V2 is supposed to be a more "modern" look, it is neither as stylish OR as functional as the previous version.
    Thank you for the tip in the reply to the other user about the about:config tweak that may be needed to enable re-install of the older version. I'd already (DEFINITELY) tried to re-install the 1.3.7 version but received a not compatible with FF12 error. A specific link to the relevant page in the support forums would be most helpful before I go to monkeying with configuration fine print, but a FF12 compatible version of the theme that regains the version 1.3.7 look would be even more helpful. ;)
    Thank you...
    [Adding on in response to developer's reply.] Please let me underline that my unhappiness with V2 is in direct relation to how much I liked the theme in its previous form.
    As the reviewer before me also noted there are already other ultra-"clean" (read: sanitized, plain...) minimalist/"modern" themes available. In its prev. form BlackFox-Blue, was quite "clean" enough, but also had a bit of style, a bit of pop. A nice balance between style and clarity if you will. Now it is so overly "clean" that it's been sanitized beyond recognition, lost all it's visual appeal.
    The new buttons appear to be different icon designs, and between the icon designs, the no-contrast look, and the yes, tiny, size, I have to stare at them for a minute to remember which is which. This look has rendered the buttons UN-intuitive, UN-stylish, and darn near UN-recognizable. Instead of trying to out-minimalize the minimalists and out-modern the modernists, please consider seriously the desire of a significant portion of the audience for an ALTERNATIVE to the cleaned-beyond-comprehension minimalist-beyond-belief look. There were already themes out there to fill that niche. ;)
    I once used Gradient iCool, but that seems to no longer be supported, or kept compatible. BlackFox PRE-V2 was the closest I'd found after Gradient to a clean-yet-stylish look. But that was back when the icons had a bit of color and were actually recognizable.
    Believe me, I've been dismayed by some FF modifications, such as removal of the fwd/backward drop-marker and a full-time stop button, etc., and have weathered those storms with the help to add-ons that allowed me to reverse those (other!) instances of minimalism-run-amok...

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    Every change naturally creates diverse opinions. It also happened to Firefox itself when switching to version 4. Anyway, once in a while we feel the need to go with time and modernize. The new style is cleaner and much more compact. Contrast may raise gradually according to feedback (contrast is a very individual since every machine has different screen, graphics processor etc so every feedback will be considered. As for the "tiny" buttons, they're also compact so precious space is being saved. An option to choose bigger buttons is in the pipeline so stay tuned ...

  • I'll try not to make an capricious assessment.

    * The new theme I find it difficult to watch, especially on web pages with light background, the buttons are small and have very little contrast. : http://i1099.photobucket.com/albums/g399/JedWryWizard/FireFox/nuevo-6.jpg
    * The Firefox logo, orange on blue, attracts the eye to the upper left corner, even when they should be looking at the center of the screen.
    * The manner in which the flaps move over the forward-back buttons gives me an unpleasant sensation of broken symmetry. (before not) (http://i1099.photobucket.com/albums/g399/JedWryWizard/FireFox/newold.png)

    And finally, a personal assesment:

    *The former aesthetic was unique, the current is similar to many others. (http://i1099.photobucket.com/albums/g399/JedWryWizard/FireFox/GoogleSmallringFXDarkBlue.jpg) You took a beautiful and unique theme, and you did plastic surgery on it, now looks like a lot of other themes (and I'm not saying it's not nice), but just not special.

    Thanks for listening and responding, you will always have my support, but I liked more the previous version.

    By the way, Could not you release a V2 Vintage? :)

    A big hug


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    Thanks for your review. I see your point, it's valid mostly on BlackFox that lost some of it's uniqueness (but gained a more compact design that's also a bit more modern). LavaFox, on the other hand preserved more of it's uniqueness (since the Lava is always very unique). Maybe it's time to give it a try? By the way, you can still use version 1.3.7 - just scroll down the page to Version History. You may need to add the extensions.checkCompatibility.11.0 or higher to about:config. See details in the support forum.
    I know that every change must disappoint some and attract others. Sorry for that but change must happen sometimes. It will update often as usual so the style will be effected from your feedback.

  • Recently changed from the red theme to this blue one. Looks extra amazing if you combine it with blue text using the Theme Font &amp; Size Changer addon. Now I am looking at black and blue bliss. Easy on the eyes and looks stunning.

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    Thanks! Such a nice review!

  • =)

  • I love the looks of the whole theme put I can not seem to get the gallery of images for my about: blank tabs on fire fox 7.0 (I think).

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    Please post in the support forum and we'll help.

  • i like it.

  • I was a big BlackX fan but I had to seek another theme after support lagged. Thank you, ZigBoom for all the themes you've created but especially for the BlackFox theme. Gorgeous! Very clean and mixes well with the Toolbar Buttons add-on, although I would like to see some of the more common buttons, like Print Preview, "BlackFoxed". I've mentioned that to you before, though - it's definitely not a deal-breaker, just a tiny detail that would make the theme a little bit nicer. Keep up your most excellent work!

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    Thanks very much for your review Shadeclan! It's very nice to get such feedback!
    Regarding the Toolbar Buttons, there's a plan to do a re-design so every button will get "BlackFoxed" automatically - it requires a full re-coding and design and the main reason it takes a long time to finish is because I'm too busy with other projects (work of course).
    I got the basic design already, need to work on the code ...
    Anyway, thanks! Please visit the new FB page so we could stay in touch, look for Zigboom Designs ( & remember to "Like" the page ;)