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The default is the (s==0). Just change the next line to the line you want as the default (maybe swap the lines).

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the file search.js
self.port.on("show", function (arg) {

var form = document.getElementById('search_form');
var keyword = document.getElementById('keyword');
var site = document.getElementById('site');

// When the user hits return, send a message to main.js.
// The message payload is the contents of the edit box.
form.onsubmit = function() {

var k = keyword.value;
var s = site.value;
k = encodeURIComponent(k);

if (s==0) {
var url = ''+k;
//The Pirate Bay
} else if (s==1) {
var url = ''+k+'/0/99/0';
} else if (s==2) {
var url = ''+k;
} else if (s==3) {
var url = ''+k+'/';

self.port.emit("create-tab", url);


Does anyone know how to change the default

Worse than useless--dangerous. Waardering 1 van 5 sterren

Anyone who's ever searched a torrent has to suspect that fenopy is not trustworthy. A good number of fenopy links lead to identity traps, and almost all of them expose users to malware and other risky dl consequences.

I've had good experiences with some dl sites in the last five or more years (piratebay, eztv, the newly restored demonoid, etc) but I distrust a torrent finder that extols its connections with fenopy because it's a prime source for fraudulent and risky downloads. I once tried for a rare black and white horror classic and got pornography I'm sure was illegal (yeah, I deleted it--even if weird abuse stuff was my thing, prison wouldn't be).

After dling this add-on, I found several other Firefox add-ons more useful and less likely to redirect to questionable sources. I keep this as a desperation backup (in case a rare download accidentally finds its way onto BetterTorrent's radar) but I wouldn't recommend it as my primary means of finding content. I would feel better if fenopy didn't present like a Euro/US credit-info strainer; I recommend anyone who doubts this to search via isohunt or another aggregate and click on fenopy links (being careful not to accidentally dl anything). The (many) I've tried are honeytraps with similar interfaces, pie-in-the-sky offers of availability and bandwidth, and absurd content promises. I'm against providers that would recommend something this premium for free; we all know that people like this would include ads, tracking, and all manner of spy and malware as the "price" for the download. In fact, other programs on my computer started detecting suspicious web activity associated with this download after less than an hour. In sum, avoid! There are better ways to find torrents and surf for content.

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i'm sorry .. this is useless

Doesn't work Waardering 1 van 5 sterren

When you click the pull-down box to select for search domain, the floating panel grays out. I tried searching in Fenopy, but it trys to searchs in the old Fenopy (currently non existing) site.

Does not work Waardering 1 van 5 sterren

It opens a search bar but it does not actually search for anything.

Deze beoordeling betreft een eerdere versie van de add-on (2.1.1-signed.1-signed). 

FF17 Wiget NOT working Waardering 1 van 5 sterren

The interface appearance works; but once i enter a text like Fenopy it doesn't start looking or activates. link to the old one that works

Deze beoordeling betreft een eerdere versie van de add-on (2.1.1-signed.1-signed). 

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It's ok, you should add though, that's a good one

Deze beoordeling betreft een eerdere versie van de add-on (2.1.1-signed.1-signed).