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  • I installed this and did a restart.
    It's set to "Alt+Left or Right button". When I (Alt+ left or right) click, all it does it show an on-screen popup "Options >>"
    When I try to click on the "Options >>" link - absolutely nothing happens.
    I've tried All of the Options settings there are. The ONLY thing that happens is, I get the same "Options >>" on-screen link, that does nothing.
    Truly, I am extremely disappointed. Years ago, this was my quick Go-To dictionary, and I told all my friends about it.
    Firefox v46.0.1
    Win 7 64bit
  • Used to be very helpful. Hardly has answers anymore. Maybe it should be renamed...
  • This used to be a great addon before, one of my favorites as I noted in a previous review on it. Now though, you no longer get results for most anything you click for some reason!! Even simple obvious words that there would of course be results for get nothing! In the past, most everything and word I clicked got results. Now it seems none do!! Please fix this or something!!
  • Under Windows XP, 1-Click Answers worked flawlessly and was incredibly useful. Unfortunately, so-called "progress" (Windows 7; FF, Flash, etc.) has rendered this tool useless. The desktop app does not work AT ALL, and this plug-in - at first - only display a little blue "Answers" balloon with no content, and now, it displays nothing at all. Truly, we are in the Dark Ages of Computing.
  • it's a good plugin.
  • In the last while,the app stops working for some reason,and the pop up window does not appear when I click on a word.It certainly is one of my favorite apps,though.
  • hey its very good and pretty easy to use
    thank you very much for the developers
  • very useful for a quick word look up.
  • I have been using the app. for years.. answers ALMOST any question instantly and without the hassle of openning extra wep pages on my destop..
  • I love this extension its very useful Answers is a must have.
  • Just a wonderful, beautiful, and helpful add-on. The reason I keep using FF. Very easy to use. Option+right click or Option+dble-click on the page. Voila!
  • 감사합니다..
  • I use this one the most out of all of my search engines. This is one of the best places to start when looking for reliable information instead of stinky old Google. Blechhh! I put this one in my "Apollo! Pack" collection since people really need to see that search engine "G" is the worst of the lot and there are FAR better ones out there!
  • I have used this app in several versions of FF, never had a problem with it....I also could not get along without it! The most useful app going!
    It's a great teaching aid..when I run into a word, I don't understand...alt right click, and I have the answer.
  • Sounds a great idea, and most people are enjoying this addon. Unfortunately for me, im one of the unlucky ones, as it doesn't work for me. The context menu lookup works fine, but the alt+left or right click, just pops up the answers popup box with nothing but a white screen inside. Must be a conflict with some other addons i have installed. I don't fancy going through them all to figure out which one it is, but will gladly send list of installed addons if needed.
    Keep up the great work guys.

    Rated as 3 stars because everything else works except the alt+right click.

    Will re-edit my review, on next update see if its any different.

  • yeah,this is excellent,thank you
  • This is an excellent add-on. Perfect when you quick answers with having to open another window or tab. I hope there are more updates coming down the pipe.
  • hola esta interesante este sistema
  • the new version works only by holding ALT and CTRL with a Left or Right click-good enough for me
  • Having a hard time downloading Answer 2.3.54eveytime comes back saying i need 3.6 i have it.Then someone said the file my be written incorrect.Help...
  • For an Update to work with Firefox v3.6
    go to the bottom of this page & click on
    "View All Versions" there you will find
    Answers v2.3.52.
  • I am in agreement with everyone. Please make this work with Firefox v3.6. The old Answers add-on will still work if you didn't remove it. All you have to do is double-click as opposed to single-click. I am using Vista. Give it a try.
  • I see where you say there's a version that's compatible with FF 3.6 in the "Sandbox"

    What is the Sandbox and could you provide a linkl to it?

    Thanks, great add on.
  • I miss it! I hope it comes soon for 3.6!
  • I, too, am waiting for this plugin to be available for 3.6! It is absolutely a necessary tool to surf the Net!