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Another priceless add-on from this dev.

Awesome stuff.

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It's not Customizable Shortcuts, Dev Waardering 5 van 5 sterren

Added Note: Thanks for response Dev. I'll try to remember to get to your support site soon. Just to clarify, I do think your add-on is among the most useful and a must-have. I have little doubt that this is a conflict with another add-on (not implying that your coding is shotty in the least)... I use a LOT of add-ons (fox is my power-browser) and for some time now, have been experimenting with finding the perfect "power bundle"; I do realize this conflict must be with an add-on I install on all browsers (a fav) and that installing it "after" yours must be the issue... and considering the shortcut keys have always been temperamental (the "show static items" choice has never shown the All Tabs Menu, also), it must be an add-on I've been using longer than yours, which narrows the possibilities. I'll install a fresh Fox on one of my test puters and incrementally check for the issue, after each add-on install. Once I find the conflicting add-on, I'll let you know. I report bugs via reviews for the users sake (it always helps me to read issues via reviews, so I return that assist to others). No point hopping on your support, until I can actually contribute more than "I have no idea". But, if you can disable shortcuts easily, that would be great.. I do know I'm not the only one this happens to, most just uninstall and move on; Very few peep report problems constructively, most either bitch non-sensically or say nothing.

I'm back to being frustrated again... the conflict is NOT with customizable shortcuts, that's what I installed thinking it might give me control of the shortcuts and instead, it "seemed" to at least stabilize the problem. But, now it's back to over-riding plain keys (no shift/ctrl/etc). I've tried everything and it won't leave the shortcut keys alone ("Always the letter T and sometimes more"). This always happens, when I'm setting up a new browser and install your add-on, before the others. Unfortunately, once it happens, that's it... nothing I do stops it. When I go into options and re-disable the trouble key, I regain the ability to type without issues... but, only until the next restart. I'm a certified tech with 5 languages under my belt and 20 years Internet development (6 years coding seriously), and I'm out of ideas, I just have to disable this thing again, until the shortcut keys stay disabled, when set (one note, this has always been the case, whether it's glitching or working... is that the shortcut keys NEVER stay disabled in the label, they always show !+*key*, after disabling them and I have multiple computers (XP, Vista, 7, & 8) with multiple fox-versions and I can find no pattern... if I hold off and install ATH, after all my other add-ons, it usually works. If I install ATH in the beginning of a fresh browser setup, there's no getting that d#@! T key back.

As for the "All Tabs Menu", I have read your documentation and when I click "show static items", it just shows me the "groups menu item"... not the All-Tabs-Menu that lets me bookmark all tabs and etc. etc. I hope you get the shortcut key problem fixed, if you read back, it's been a problem for a long time. I'll try removing the code from your add-on completely and posting a version with no shortcut keys at all (I don't use them, anyway).

Your add-on is among the best on my browsers that don't have this issue... but, it's a major pain in the arse on the ones that do... and again, it does and does not happen on the newest Firefox, Fox 29, IceDragon, Palemoon... I can't find a pattern, all of these browsers use your extension fine on some computers and all of these browsers glitch on others (the only pattern is that the glitches only happen, when your add-on is installed before several others. If I figure it out, I'll post back... but for now, those shortcut keys have got to go.


• Click the All-Tabs button to open the ATH List, then right-click the popup's background for the ATH Menu. "While the ATH menu is still open", click the All-tabs button again and WAHLA... you will now get the original All-Tabs Menu, rather than the ATH list again. Now you can quickly manipulate all tabs at once, turn on the multibar, bookmark all tabs, restart all, close all, etc. etc.

• This annoyance popped up on multiple browser versions, after I found out I have a condition with my vision, because so few websites follow WCAG 2.0 Accessibility Standards, which states NOT to put black text on a full white background (strains eyes over long-term)... so, I started using "Stylish" and "Color that Site" to darken site backgrounds. Has nothing to do with ATH and was easily fixed by re-adjusting the unloaded tab appearance in "Tab Mix Plus" or "Tab Utilities/Phoenix" (think Stylish makes the opacity in ATH more sensitive in Palemoon, IceDragon, etc.).

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Dear Zephyr,

I appreciate the time that you have put into ATH to get it to work for you. I am sorry that you are having problems. I have tried to duplicate your problem on Windows, Mac and Linux and have been unsuccessful, though I will add that the description of your problem is a bit vague so I may not be understanding your problem correctly. In any event, I have not received these kinds of reports from any of my users so it does seem to me that there may be something about your setup or usage that is a bit unique, possibly indicating a conflict of some kind.

I would like to help you and encourage you to communicate with me through the support channel where we can set up a dialogue and I can understand your situation better. The User Review board is really not a good place to handle bug reports.

It would not be difficult for me to update ATH to include a hidden preference which will allow you to turn off keyboard commands, if this may be a helpful solution for you in the interim. If you contact me through the support channel, you can let me know if this is something you would like me to implement, which should not take long.


Great features, fast. Would you add a permanent sidebar? Waardering 5 van 5 sterren

All Tabs Helper has an amazing amount of well thought through, useful functionality, yet it still feels fast and lightweight. It's impressive software.

It's a little difficult to access that functionality, which is hidden in a side panel and in the All Tabs button (also, the interface is a bit cramped, with small targets, etc.). I'd love to see the following, but the first would be transformative:

1) Make ATH a permanent sidebar (i.e., one that would not disappear when I open the Bookmarks or History sidebar). If you think about it, that's the only UI difference between ATH and the vertical tab bar addons, and ATH would be the best vertical tab bar I've seen. I've tried the leading contenders, and they seemed slow, heavy, and also seemed to cause crashes; I uninstalled them all. ATH also has better features: Search, sort, etc. (I'd use ATH as a vertical tab bar now, but it disappears when I open Bookmarks or other sidebars.)

2) Add an interface that shows tabs in all windows, not just in one. That would be very handy in combination with the search tool, and also if I could move tabs between windows. Perhaps use the multi-column interface from Tab Groups Helper?

It's easy for me to make suggestions for you to implement, of course, so all I really can say is: Thank you Allasso! Yours are some of the best add-ons I've seen. (Where's a donation link?)

Almost exactly what I've been looking for Waardering 4 van 5 sterren

I've been looking for something where I could manipulate my tabs in a list. I do have some problems though.

I have several other extensions that add commands to the context menu of tabs, with the regular All Tabs menu I can right click on the tabs in the list and use those commands, but I can't do that with this addon, presumably because it uses its own context menu which doesn't seem to have many commands. I'd like options to move to groups, move to new window, unload, reload, duplicate, etc. It seems I have some of these options, but only if I ctrl-click to select the tab first, and even then not the move, duplicate, etc options. I have other extensions that do these things, but again those menu options are unavailable from the context menu from this addon.

It'd be nice if you could somehow access the regular tab context menu, maybe ctrl-right click or some other modifier key to get the regular tab context menu. If you can't just include them all in the same menu.

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This is the best and most useful firefox extension I have ever seen up until now. Very useful!!!

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I think that a lot of people have several instances (-no-remote) of Firefox running simultaneously. And every Firefox can have lots of windows open. I know I do. In this scenario being able to search tabs in only one window in one Firefox
is only a few percent of the desired if I have understood this thing about right.

I came here searching for a way to have shortkeys or sth to bring specific tabs to front quickly and this was the closest I came. Tab management is a catastrophe in Firefox.

Why are so few users? OMG, world has gone mad. Waardering 5 van 5 sterren

Wow. This addon is so useful. So good idea and pleasing implementation.
Laconic UI, sweet tips in Options, Keyboard shortcut settings - very good!
"Dups" menu - useful
"Recent" menu - excellent!
"Search" menu - admirable!

One of the my top favorit addons.

My Pale Moon 64 bit + Tree Style Tab + Tab Utilities + All Tabs Helper + Hugo became a powerfull instrument of web browsing.

Thank you, Allasso Travesser. You are good man.

You're very welcome. Thank you for the encouragement.

Outstanding Waardering 5 van 5 sterren

Excellent and essential!!
UI is minimalistic and aesthetic.
Best among all add-ons of this developer.

Excellent but lack one feature Waardering 5 van 5 sterren

ability to multi-select of tabs on found tabs page as it works for alltabs now will be brilliant

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Thank you... I don't know exactly what you are asking. Please email me allassopraise@gmail.com or post more detaila of your request on the support forum: http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?f=48&t=2664479&p=12680801

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Seem to work flawlessly uder FF 33. More aesthetic layout of top options would be nice.

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Great add-on. I was using Pano https://github.com/teramako/Pano but its development has gone stale sometime ago.

This does what Pano does and even more. Search feature is very powerful.

Kudos to Allasso for developing this add-on.

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Great addon, on the tab count, there are two numbers, the first one appears to correspond to scrolling the list and starts with 1..2..3.., unsure of what the point of this number. Is there anyway to turn this off and leave just the tab count number?

Feature Request, could you add like this (number of open tabs in window) / (number of total tabs in groups ie ( 24 / 100 )

Also can you add bookmark selected tabs too.

Best tab manager (because all other just dont compete) Waardering 5 van 5 sterren

Everybody knows that Firefox tab management is. actually, totally broken. While you have 10-20 tabs its all great, but get 500-700 and...you dead, man. Panorama not helping - its slow and all tiny thumbnails, there is no way to list tabs at all.
THIS extension, while not being ideal, imho, is making its possible to manage your mess. Al you get is side menu with list of ALL your tabs, way to quick close them, also search, deduplication. And all that with SMALL perf footprint. I have more then 1000 tabs and extension like OneTab just go insane, while All Tabs Helper do its work without problem.
I recommend to also use Multiple Tab Handler and UnloadTab to get even more control on your tabs.

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Gorgeous addon. One of those that cause you to immediatly forget how you lived without it.

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Brilliant (mostly) Waardering 4 van 5 sterren

Just what I wanted: fast and easy duplicate finding; scroll bars. Bless the scroll bar.

Deze beoordeling betreft een eerdere versie van de add-on (0.2.8). 

Reporting bugs through the support channels will aid greatly in tracking them down.

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Great add-on! It would be even better if the font size of the tab list can be changed since the font size looks kind of small. Thanks!

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Why has this not been incorporated into FF source?

Deze beoordeling betreft een eerdere versie van de add-on (0.2.4). 

Still a Fantastic and Invaluable Add-On!! Waardering 5 van 5 sterren

I love this add-on, and I've been using it for a quite a while now. I am, however, experiencing a small issue with UnloadTab in which the tabs in ATH are not grayed out when UnloadTab auto unloads an inactive tab.

Deze beoordeling betreft een eerdere versie van de add-on (0.2.4).  Deze gebruiker heeft een eerdere beoordeling van deze add-on.

Thank you for your review. I have updated ATH with a fix for the Unload Tab incompatibility that you mention, along with a feature upgrade for the search function.

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Best Extension. Now, I can keep 200 tabs open simultaneously.

Deze beoordeling betreft een eerdere versie van de add-on (0.2.2). 

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This addon is quite useful, as it provides far more options than a default menu, everything you ever need really to manage your tabs in a list form.

Recently added option to use a scrollbar now makes it the best tab list-enhancing addon currently available.

Deze beoordeling betreft een eerdere versie van de add-on (0.2.2).