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  • You people are amazing, I was thinking about a way to fight aggressive ads. Like with spam, passive shield is not quiet effective as most companies tend to detect the applied blocking. This will push to make reasonable ads that a human integrate into post with real topic.
  • Worked great up until the latest Firefox update. Once it's working again, I'll change this back to 5 stars.
    >Can you tell us what the problem is?
    Ads just weren't blocked. At all. I'll try switching back to AdNauseum from Ublock Origin, which I was using while AdNauseum was broken.
    It seems to be working now.
    Can you tell us what the problem is?
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  • Отлично и ненавязчиво блокирует рекламу, но в версии Mozilla 66.0.3 уже не работает, при попытке удалить/установить заново пишет "Загрузка не удалась. Пожалуйста, проверьте ваше соединение."
  • It worked excellently until Firefox blocked it for whatever reason.