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  • Utilizo há anos, completo e seguro! AdNauseam bloqueia anúncios e impede rastreamento. Além disso, disponibiliza um "vault" onde é possível conferir todos os anúncios bloqueados. Em português e com diversas opções de customização.
  • Ideia oso ona blokeatzeaz gain iragarkiei klik egitearena, baina niri ez dit funtzionatu, adblock jarri dut berriro.
  • СУПЕР четко !!!
  • Not tested much but some missing options regarding global settings:

    - Block CSP reporting
    - Disable cosmetic filters
    - Disable JavaScript (thus requiring an extra add-on)

    The above are available in uBlock Origin.


    In filter lists the 'Other' lists do not expand and therefore cannot be selected

    Due to the missing JavaScript option I will disable the add-on and continue to use uBlock Origin. Will try again later when updated.
  • Nice idea and worked fine but started eating too much RAM & CPU (on firefox-bin process, I only noticed that because it got a lot better the instant I disabled it). On Firefox Nighly 72.0a1/Arch Linux
  • Works like a charm. I use it on Manjaro, Mint, Lubuntu and Windows10 for Firefox and Chrome. In addition to AdGuard it is perfect.
  • The best ad blocker I've used. Although it would not hurt to optimize the code.