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  • The ads are blocked but the "click counter" doesn't work(clicked 0 / 0 Ads detected). I tried on multiple sites. I'm not using any other ad blocker. Also somehow the images got deleted in ad vault. Theres empty squares for a lot of ads.

    Amazing extension, I hope I'll resolve this somehow.

    Edit: AdNauseam worked with that page. I went to test other ones. They detected 0 ads. I found the cause of this. All knows trackers were disabled in settings. I changed the settings and now AdNauseam works as it should be.

    I don't know if I should keep all trackers blocked or keep AdNauseam so it can generate noise.
    Thank you for replying so quick.

    Edit 2: The images of ads reappeared in ad vault.
    Can you give this page (https://bit.ly/2CvVlPH) a try and let us know what you see?
  • Bug fixed. 5 stars now, thanks for the support devs!
    Would you mind creating an issue here with a screenshot of the problem: https://github.com/dhowe/AdNauseam/issues ?
  • Sorry in advance, this is more a reply than a review and I guess reviews are not for discussion, but does user 8562d0 realise that Ublock Origin is GPL and that AdNauseam does acknowledge it uses it as a foundation and is also GPL? "Ripoff" is not really a thing in this context.

    And as for dismissing AdNauseam based on reading studies about the effectiveness of data obfuscation, this extension’s authors actually write this kind of studies, so surely they have some idea of what they’re doing.
  • Any problem we can help with?
  • Problem we can help with?