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  • Not sure if "click each blocked ad in the background" is a good thing... don't some of the ad companies get paid more if the ads are clicked on as opposed to just displayed? But this setting is optional, so OK.
  • Does not work on my browser. Apparently it does not detect any ads. All the relevant settings are turned on and it still does not work. Ive updated my browser and even created a different Firefox account and readded the extension but still does not work. I love the idea of this extension and would like to implement it into my online browsing experience. Please help.
  • This add-on worked great for a while. It now blocks nothing. It indicates there are no ads and the pages are filled with ads.
    This suggests a problem with the Firefox profile. Can you try installing AdNauseam in a fresh profile?
  • Everything is ok, but recently I've found out that counter of ads doesn't work properly, extension shows only "0" on icon. Is this trouble on my side?
  • Doesn't even detect any ads. All content blocking settings are disabled, and this is the only extension I have. Nothing at all.
    Can you try installing AdNauseam in a fresh Firefox profile?
  • Works Flawlessly!
  • You people are amazing, I was thinking about a way to fight aggressive ads. Like with spam, passive shield is not quiet effective as most companies tend to detect the applied blocking. This will push to make reasonable ads that a human integrate into post with real topic.
  • Worked great up until the latest Firefox update. Once it's working again, I'll change this back to 5 stars.
    >Can you tell us what the problem is?
    Ads just weren't blocked. At all. I'll try switching back to AdNauseum from Ublock Origin, which I was using while AdNauseum was broken.
    It seems to be working now.
    Can you tell us what the problem is?