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  • Unfortunately, don't work in browser running with user permissions (Users group in Windows not Admins). Don't see advertise and don't block it. In garbage.
  • Good initiative!

    Being built on ublock means it's snappy and can use the same filters. The advault advertisement collage is a work of art.

    Having this extension banned from the Chrome Web Store must mean that these developers are doing something right.
  • This is a great software
  • Blocking adds and ruining the data-miners business model - what could be better for one's privacy!?

    Worx perfectly with Privacy Badger, SELF-destructing-cookies and Decentraleyes!
  • The ads are blocked but the "click counter" doesn't work(clicked 0 / 0 Ads detected). I tried on multiple sites. I'm not using any other ad blocker. Also somehow the images got deleted in ad vault. Theres empty squares for a lot of ads.

    Amazing extension, I hope I'll resolve this somehow.

    Edit: AdNauseam worked with that page. I went to test other ones. They detected 0 ads. I found the cause of this. All knows trackers were disabled in settings. I changed the settings and now AdNauseam works as it should be.

    I don't know if I should keep all trackers blocked or keep AdNauseam so it can generate noise.
    Thank you for replying so quick.

    Edit 2: The images of ads reappeared in ad vault.
    Can you give this page (https://bit.ly/2CvVlPH) a try and let us know what you see?