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  • Use uBlock Origin
  • Do not use. It was sold to an Ad company. Adblock Plus is a scam. It allows advertisment of the companies that pays them. It also allows third parties to track you down.


    e.g. Adblock Plus uses a deceptive Dark Pattern to make you think that you have blocked third-party web tracking when you actually haven’t: Consumer privacy tool, not so much. If you use ABP, then also run a known good privacy tool such as Privacy Badger to block the tracking that ABP may let through.
  • 个人感觉很好用
  • блокирует виджеты и html страницы на моем сайте, которые никак не относятся к рекламе
  • не всё блокирует
  • Cannot stop the ad block plus popup
  • Thanks for the incredibly high-quality and useful extension.
  • Fabulous! convenient and exactly what it created for
  • Great add-on :) Helps me a lot not to get destructed by annoying ads
  • i love it