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  • 说实话,之前很好用。但是现在的firefox上一下载了就说组件已损坏,关闭验证功能后可以安装但无法使用。
  • goood app ever
  • GOOD
  • nice
  • Efficace, sure, je le recommande vivement pour un gain de temps, les pubs qui nous ne concerne pas. Bonne continuation
  • chặn hết quảng cáo lừa đảo đi
  • Since many big platforms are now able to show their ads through Adblock Plus, I'd stop recommending this extension. Moved over to a better solution.

    Please be advised that no company can simply pay to have their ads shown. Publishers have to meet criteria set by the Acceptable Ads Committee before whitelisting is even considered. Most companies actually pay us nothing at all. Users still have the ability to block these ads by disabling “allow acceptable ads” in options. If you still experience ads with this feature disabled, please send us the URL along with a screenshot of your subscribed filter lists to support@adblockplus.org. We are more than happy to troubleshoot. You can find out more about how Acceptable Ads works here https://acceptableads.com.

    ABP Support Team