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  • Beim neustart von Firefox erscheint immer eine lästige Fehlermeldung: 'bitte installieren sie AdBlockPluss erneut'! vergesst es, habe euch rausgeschmissen!!
  • Great extension, it helps to those who, quite naturally, don't want to be distracted by annoying ads but just to obtain the info they need.
  • GR8 Does the job OK
  • fonctionne bien mais certains sites font de la résistance et c'est pénible.
  • ok
  • 比其它的好用很多。
  • Since the last update, the application is annoying me with its "installation success" message. Also you CANNOT deactivate "user friendly ads". If you deactivate it and restart your browser, it's active again. Yet, other options stay at the settings you've chosen.
  • Keeps opening up the initial install screen every time my browser opens but at least it blocks ads, which is more than I can say for the other adblockers I've tried