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  • This AdBlock is the only one you need.
    I have been using this addon for a few years.
    It's almost a "activate and forget" app. And as a programmer for over 30 years now, I can say there are very few apps that behave this way.
    The creator of this addon knows their way around coding. =)
    Thank you!
  • good can turn it on and off whenever i want and works on any site i have visited from those ennoying side adds (those on the side of a site) to actual add vids
  • This works great on firefox for mac. I'm loving the superior adblocking abilities over anything compatible with safari. I super recommend it.
  • It works without any user interaction. Recently though it keeps telling me that it couldn't load a backup but I don't see any way to create a backup. Other than that it is a good extension that operates quietly.
  • Overall good and fast adblocker.
  • Jest OK. Spełnia moje wymagania blokuje niepotrzebne reklam a ich jest naprawdę dość dużo. Chociaż zależy to też od przeglądarki jakiej używamy. Gorąco polecam a twórcom można jak ktoś chce oczywiście przelać niewielki datek.To motywuje aby był coraz bardziej doskonalszy.
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