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  • Was a huge fan of this add-on because I could use it on Firefox, Chrome, and Opera. Recent changes had made it impossible to combine My Filters between the 3 browsers. Although I can copy the filters into a spreadsheet, I cannot find a way to paste the merged list back into Adblock Plus like I used to do.
  • good
  • muy buen adblock, no es detectado por las paginas
  • GREAT!!!
  • Harika.Basit kullanımıyla bence en iyi adblock uygulaması bu.
  • Chose it over uBlock because of its AcceptableAds policy, which I found sensible.

    Had to drop it and switch to uBlock because it has been opening an alert tab for a month at every beginning of browsing session, while it desactivated every settings I had for the addon.