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  • Ein tolles Tool, danke und weiter so!!!
  • Has been a pleasure to look through news without all those pesky pop up ads.
  • muito bom e funciona perfeitamente
  • Met name bij Youtube is deze adblocker echt een pré! Ook tegen trackers en dat vind ik ook een prettig gevoel :)
  • До недавнего времени блокировал всю рекламу. Сейчас перестал работать. Совершенно бесполезен. Непонятно... продались или взломали.
  • Great App Everyone should use it kid safe
  • I'm here to rage drop two stars from a fantastic APP, least what used to be, until this glitch(?) happened:
    Every time I open my browser an Adblock-Plus tab opens & it's irking the hell out of me - love to know a way to stop it from doing so & indeed why it is doing so - Don't make changes to my comp/browser/user experience without my permission!
    I'll be back to uninstall 1 star if it continues.
    Who thought that was a good idea?