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Anoweb - Annotate the web Geen herstart

A simple firefox extension that allows you to make and view annotations on different pages across the web.

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Blink Geen herstart

An add-on that makes the new tab much more interesting. This new-tab-replacement add-on changes your new tab page into a news feed from various blogs and websites of your choice.

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Cat Facts Geen herstart

Adds a cat facts panel to your Firefox for Android home page.

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Cherokee font package Geen herstart

Cherokee font for Firefox for Android. This add-on will install a Cherokee font that enables proper rendering of Cherokee script on all sites (Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.), regardless of whether a font has been embedded into the web page.

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Context Search Android Apps Geen herstart

Discover android apps and games relating to your interest. Get mobile app recommendations related to the current web page content. Tap the monkey icon on the address bar to get the most relevant android apps and games delivered, on a new tab.

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coral_news_кеш_громадських_організацій Geen herstart

Аддон дозволяє застосовувати Coral Distribution Network для перегляду кешованих сайтів суспільних організацій, що протягом останнього часу підверглись атакам (batkivshchyna.com.ua, boykotpr.info, diyaty.org, klichko.org, svoboda.org.ua )

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Corriere della Sera reload blocker Geen herstart

Block annoying page reloads on Corriere.it

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Cycloader Geen herstart

Loads webpages automatically.

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DeepDyve Plugin Geen herstart

DeepDyve Plugin for FireFox

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Diarios anónimos: Clarín y La Nación Geen herstart

Evita tener que registrarte para leer los diarios Clarín y La Nación.

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econoRead Geen herstart

Are you tired from not being able to read articles in the economist online (economist.com) because it says you've reached your weekly limit? Me too!
With this add-on you will be able to read as many articles on the site as you wish with no worries

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Free Haaretz Geen herstart

A nefarious extension that easily bypasses the Haaretz paywall

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Gayburg Panel Geen herstart

Premette di visualizzare le ultime notizie di Gayburg dall'home page di Forefox per Android.

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Goal.com Feed Geen herstart

Lees het laatste nieuws van Goal.com direct vanaf je Firefox voor Android startscherm. Deze add-on brengt je het laatste nieuws direct vanaf Goal.com zodat je op de hoogte blijft van alle competities, teams en spelers die er toe doen.

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Hide Facebook Feed Geen herstart

Hide all feed content from your facebook's home page.

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HN Mobile Geen herstart

Hacker News (news.ycombinator.com) formatted for small screens.

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Instagram Panel Geen herstart

Adds an Instagram panel to your Firefox for Android home page.

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ksbtechies Geen herstart

Displays latest ksbtehchies News in a popup widget
Get all the Latest ksbtehchies News headline with a single click.

Opens a popup widget with the latest news headlines.

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Lao fonts package Geen herstart

A Lao fallback font for Firefox for Android.

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Sage for mobile: Light weight rss reader for mobile

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