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#be browser detector Geen herstart

Introducing #be, the digital me.

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AboutTheArtists on IMDb Geen herstart

Places links to AboutTheArtists.com artist profiles on IMDb.com cast lists

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Accropolis notification Live Geen herstart

Ne ratez plus aucun live d'Accropolis ! L’icône devient verte quand la chaîne est en direct.

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All About Shias Geen herstart

A link to the website All About Shias.

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Anoweb - Annotate the web Geen herstart

A simple firefox extension that allows you to make and view annotations on different pages across the web.

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Automatic Reader View Geen herstart

Automatically load webpages in Firefox's Reader View – as the default for the websites you specify.

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BAM.bz Url Shortener Geen herstart

Easily short an url by right clicking at a website, a link or selected text. The shorted url is automatically copied to your clipboard and you get informed by a popup notification.

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BenefieExtension Geen herstart

Benefie Addon

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BetterGFMotes Geen herstart

Adds additional emotes to /r/gravityfalls and allows you to see them across Reddit.

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Browser Virtual Keyboard Geen herstart

A virtual keyboard that lets you type characters right on the Firefox web browser of your computer

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Browsing Timer Geen herstart

An addon for reminding you your time is up after a certain period of time user specifies. It best tackles the problem of wasteful hours and hours long time of web browsing.

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Buzzdub Geen herstart

We scour the web so you don't have to.

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Cat Facts Geen herstart

Adds a cat facts panel to your Firefox for Android home page.

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CBOSA-next Geen herstart

Add a few improvements of Central Database of Judgments Administrative Courts like:
- auto-linking related judgement,
- user-friendly header to copy-and-paste to documents name,
- constantly visible metadata about judgment,
- page redesign.

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Cherokee font package Geen herstart

Cherokee font for Firefox for Android. This add-on will install a Cherokee font that enables proper rendering of Cherokee script on all sites (Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.), regardless of whether a font has been embedded into the web page.

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chunzhen house information Geen herstart

This plugin can help you to search the house information

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ClickBait Detector Geen herstart

A firefox extension that warns you of clickbait on facebook

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Cloudsday Weather Forecasts Geen herstart

Provides 10 days weather forecast and 48 hours weather forecast.

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CollegeSpace Geen herstart

FireFox Add-on for CollegeSpace

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Compass Insight Geen herstart

The smartest bookmarks with Compass Insight

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