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  • Love It !! One of the best on here !
  • Love this add-on!
  • New to changing themes on Firefox, so this may be moot at this point, but... Although this is truly a beautiful theme, it is not consistent with accepted standards of displaying the flag (or a pictorial representation) of the United States of America. When the flag is presented horizontally, the correct orientation is to display the stars in the upper left corner with the stripes below and to the right of the stars.
  • Love the design, motto! PERFECT!
  • Unlike most all of the NFL, I respect my country & those in service of this nation! DOWN WITH THE NFL!
  • Bagus
  • So far so good. 3:06pm 8/31/2017 37%
  • Perfect mozilla
  • I've had this before on Firefox and love it. The applications for work have typically sent me to Chrome. When and chrome I miss this theme.
  • Ya a real but buster
  • We must NEVER give up hope for America, return to the Constitution and fly Old Glory with pride and thanksgiving.
  • We will not realize how much freedom, opportunity, and beauty we enjoy until it is gone..... Awesome add on :)
  • i love the flag and what it stands for
  • I love Americans
  • I was born and raised in America , New York City to be exact. I've been all over america now cooling in Hawaii. This place means a lot to me.
  • главные петухи планеты земля
  • It`s Cool!!
  • Well done!
  • love it
  • Приемники Гитлера
  • asum job
  • Excellent job on this app. torchgirlsarah. Works great and reflects my love for my Country and God. Our Founding Fathers implemented a Constitution to protect our freedoms, which was founded on the freedom to practice religion without persecution or manipulative politicians.
  • I pray every day that there are MILLIONS MORE like torchgirlsarah who'll stand up for Our GREAT Country's CONSTITUTION!! We must guard
    EVERY WORD from corruption by evil politicians &
    other misguided folks & protect our God-given RIGHTS!! GREAT WORK!
  • however our God given rights cannot be removed and ought not be hindered by any law.

    and most certainly not free expression which is apparently now under amo editorial staff review. how many votes will it take to rip away the right to freely praise personas?
  • God bless America for she was founded on the freedom to practice religion without persecution, where ever and when ever we as free American's want. I stand by my flag and what she stands for. Thank you for adding this app. Again I say GOD BLESS AMERICA