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  • Alhamdulillah great work, Ui and all other funcanality working great!
  • Its fantastic
  • La meilleure extension de prière. Bravo !
  • Alhamdulillah and thank you. May all good deed bless by Allah.
  • Awesome application. JazakAllah.
  • nice job

    it works great
  • Alx'amdulillah'! Alx'amdulillah'! Alx'amdulillah'! Every time when the time of prayer comes, the developer will often be mentioned in prayer! InshaAllah!
  • Great app! My wife has been using this for a while now and agrees it's become really handy. She loves it! Thank you Hamid. Great work.
  • thanks ya akhi
  • Great extension but I can't get my own custom Adhan to work
  • A nice app for the faithful .
  • Great, thanks.
  • (Ma sha Allah) It is really a nice app, I love it.

    Please download this app if you love the Prayer.