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  • Just got it. But I haven't seen how it works yet. Lots of good ratings & it looks cool.

  • Great addon but i miss it on 57+ Please make it work with Firefox 57+

    Thank you!

  • Beyond kawaii it is relaxing

  • It's cute plus autoreload.

  • Glad to see lolicon here.
    Also,It would be better if there are any 御姐。。

  • Super Puper

  • 十分可爱的组件,我十分喜欢。
    A veery cute app, I love it.

  • What for a very good Addon and very helpfully...thank you very much!

  • It is very help to me to reduce stress each time show error messages.

    Me ayuda mucho a reducir el estrés cada vez que aparece un mensaje de error.

  • 哈哈~终于看到了个中国人Σ(゚Д゚)

  • |・ω・`)赞

  • Sometimes I hope to get some webpage offline, so I can see the lolifox :)
    And on top of that she tries to load the page again!

    Excellent work buddy!

  • It looks a lot better than the default page, but why isn't it centered in the middle of the page? It doesn't really make sense to have it in the top left corner. Other than that, it's really good. The auto-reload is definitely useful. Also, clicking "Search" when there is no internet, and then clicking "Search" again duplicates the URL and is kind of weird. The search button should only search the original URL once, not search the search URL as many times as you click the button.

  • Cute, light and functional. Can it get any better?

  • The auto refresh is very useful and so kawaii.

  • Really perfect.

  • Awesome, i even put it on my moms computer. I wonder if she found it yet.

  • Милые мелочи вроде этой и делают мир лучше. Спасибо!

  • I like it alot but a little cute friend for her could be better.

  • me gusta u.u

  • This is officially the BEST error screen I've ever seen

  • Excellent nya:) Отлично нЯ:)

  • awesome error page

    Can you please upgrade this to work with Firefox 4.0b1

  • lovely error page .... but ...

    need to be updated for FF 3.6 and later

  • Is your site still working it wont load for me anymore