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  • Great app...continues to expand the functionality of Thunderbird. I am finally escaping the clutches of Google
  • Calendar items cannot be edited reliably. Repeating events cannot be edited at all. TB 52.9. Lightning 5.5b2 and prior. Bug was submitted months ago and has not yet been addressed.
  • Good product but it is absurd that it is not possible to attach files or emails to Event
  • Great software. Just one very important improvement proposal in terms of usability: when displaying the full week, I need to scroll up and down to see everything even I have a 4K display! Why is it not possible to zoom out on the Y axis to have 0 - 24 h available at the screen? Thanks in advance!!
  • Please make this compatible to beta versions of thunderbird!
  • 要らないから削除したらThunderbirdのバージョンアップ時に復活しやがった
  • Using for several years and TB versions. Always great function. Thanks.
  • -Windows 7 - 64bit
    -Thunderbird version 52.7.0 (32 bits)
    -Lightning 5.4

    Dans "Gestionnaire de Modules", Lightning est installé et semble etre activé.
    Dans outils-> Options , l'onglet Agenda n'apparait pas !
    Impossible de trouver Lightning dans Thunderbird....
  • Working great with my 52.5.0
    I normally have reoccurring task or just copy and paste. Working great with Google calendar add on.
    I just wish Thunderbird would trans to all devices in the future.
  • je n'arrive pas à charger ce module.
    j'ai un message me disant qu'il y a des parties manquantes.
    je suis sous w10
    merci pour l'aide
  • Works well with Nextcloud (tested with server v13) and also over https. As I struggled a bit to get startet, here is a brief manual:
    - Install the Plugin
    - Add one new network calendar from your caldav server and authorize.
    - Now you can right-click into the calendar pane and choose "find calendar (CALDAV)".
    - I have to check "only search own account", click on my account name and on "list calendars" to get the list of my calendars and calendars shared with me. Tick the relevant ones and click OK. Calendars should now be added.
    - Manually remove write-protection per calendar as needed (right-click, settings).
  • Generally, the calendar is a good product. BUT: If you really use it in earnest (for example for work), then you soon notice that there are important features that are missing.

    I would suggest that you add at least two very important features that even exist in terrible Outlook!

    I have even switched back to Outlook because I need these two features!

    a) When you add an event spanning several days, it should be shown as one single box, not as individual boxes on each day! People have suggested this since 2009, but it has never been implemented. It is a very important feature to keep your calendar tidy. Please add that...

    b) In Outlook, I can use keyboard shortcuts to assing a colour to an event. In Thunderbird, you can use colours for categories (good), but it is not possible to assign a keyboard shortcut to a category (why not?). This makes it terribly complicated to assign a colour to your event: I need several mouseclicks to do so! Please add this function.

    Thank you.
  • Good!
  • Go here: https://releases.mozilla.org/pub/calendar/lightning/candidates/
  • Calendar's working correctly. But impossible to attach something to an event : the case stay grey !
  • Surprise du matin Blocage TB au démarrage car Lightning n'est plus compatible avec TB version 58.0 ?? Grosse galère et quelle déception d'avoir quitté Outlook en fin de compte.
  • Using the Lightning add-on caused my Thunderbird to slow and grind to a halt very frequently. I think that the add-on was checking for calendar updates and syncing, but in doing so, it made my email program completely unusable while it dithered about.
    This seems like a terrible design. Updating the synced calendars should be something that runs in the background, not something that takes over the whole program and causes Thunderbird to be unusable for minutes at a time.
    Bad job, mozilla. I want thunderbird to always be an email program, not a program that waits for calendar syncs.
    I have disabled the lightning add-on because this kind of monopolization of resources is unacceptable.
  • I need to download Lightning 6.1b1 for TB 58.0b3, but cannot get it from the Thunderbird Calendar Versions. All other versions are not compatible.
    What gives?
  • Can you please make google tasks in calendar view appear in "all day" pane?
    The tasks from google have due time at 12am, so they are just move on the very top of the day hence they're hidden most of the time.
  • For those having problems after January automatic update, click "View all versions" and manually install the version at the top.
  • It's a great extension, but not really much good if it doesn't work. It was working fine after install on TB (on Ubuntu) but now throws a message that it is incompatible with TB 52.5.0. No other explanation and there seems to be others with the same issue.

    This is just the kind of headache which stops folks moving away from Microsoft products. What a shame!
  • I've ben using TB now for years and find it great. And I think Lightning is great too, hence the 5 stars. But everytime TB update they seem to break Lightning and that's indispensible to me. I've dozens of important reminders on there synced to my gmail account. As I write the latest TB release has broken it again. So I've downloaded TB 52.0 and turned off auto updating to get Lightning working again.
    I'll have to check from time to time to see if Lighning is working on the latest TB before upgrading in future.
  • Lightning is without a doubt, THE most useful addon that I have found for Thunderbird. I use it daily for scheduled appointments, and my go to calendar. My sincere thanks to the developers that maintain and enrich Lightning.
  • Together with Exchange EWS provider for work and SoGO Connector (CalDAV) for my personal calendar it fulfils my calendaring needs.
  • A solid, feature rich calendar add on for Thunderbird. I depend on it to keep my poor (80 yr old) memory straight.
    It has tasks and appointments. when a notice pops up I have a time minutes, hours, days, I can select before the notice pops up again.

    I only have an issue with the Thunderbird developers who without warning removed Lightning in the last update, but do not always do this.
    It was easy enough to find and reinstall it, but I should have been warned.
    Lightning is just great.