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버전 1.1 238.3 KiB 작동 버전 Thunderbird 22.0a1 - 31.*

Fixed the incompatibility with TB 22.0 and onwards due to Gecko 22 API change.
This version, therefore, no longer works with TB versions older than 22.0.

버전 1.0 238.0 KiB 작동 버전 Thunderbird 3.0 - 21.*

New in v1.0:
- Localized to en-US, en-GB and ja-JP.
- Windows Vista & 7 now show Aero (vertical folder) icons.
- Support for RSS and NNTP folders.
- More colors (70 in total).
- Some cosmetic improvements.
- Some bug fixes.

버전 0.95 48.0 KiB 작동 버전 Thunderbird 3.0 - 6.*

Recent Updates:
- Context menu is now correctly disabled on servers and special folders (incl. nntp and rss, excl. virtual folders).
- Folder color now immediately changes even on selected folders (i.e. the known issue has been solved).