Featured Add-ons: August 2011

제작: Mozilla

모음집에 포함된 부가 기능: 8개

Tile Tabs 제작: DW-dev

5점중 5점 받음 평가 229

사용자 69,893

Displays tabs in tiled layouts in Firefox. Arrange tiles horizontally, vertically or in a grid. Resize tiles by dragging splitter bars. Tabs and links can be dragged to open in other tiles. Supports multiple tiled layouts. Works with tab groups.

Puzzle 제작: Leszek Życzkowski

5점중 5점 받음 평가 39

사용자 8,840

Adds a 'Puzzle' item to the main context menu. You can turn any image to puzzle pieces and play.

Browser Backgrounds 제작: Baris Derin

5점중 4점 받음 평가 48

사용자 8,954

Browser Backgrounds is the new Firefox extension that lets you install backgrounds directly on your browser.

Vertical Toolbar 제작: Gomita

5점중 4점 받음 평가 199

사용자 11,139

Adds a vertical toolbar at the edge of the window.

Textarea Cache 제작: Hemiola SUN

5점중 5점 받음 평가 146

사용자 11,186

Save automatically the content in Textarea.

Web Search Pro 제작: Captain Caveman

5점중 4점 받음 평가 95

사용자 6,783

Search the web the way you like...

QuickWiki 제작: Rafael de Freitas

5점중 4점 받음 평가 135

사용자 17,635

Quick lookup in Wiktionary and Wikipedia, without the need to open a new tab.
Just right-click a word while shift / ctrl / alt is pressed.

TinyUrl Creator 제작: Jeremy Gillick

5점중 3점 받음 평가 158

사용자 1,068

Easy shrink any long URL or link in the page to something you can email or Twitter using the TinyUrl service with a single click in your browser.


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