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버전 2.0.22 1.0 MB 작동 버전 SeaMonkey 2.1 - 2.25

Version bump to 25.0
Move the audio volume bar in audio/video within the controlbar itself.
Use consistently same fonts for monospace and add Menlo for Mac.
Fixed about:privatebrowsing, about:neterror and about:certerror
Bug 842439 - Improve style and rearrange content of the about:privatebrowsing page.
Fixed feeds icon in urlbar.
Fixed search link in awesomebar dropdown list.
Bug 920677 - Click-to-play plugins fail to show placeholder after resizing
Fixed fullscreen for html video
Fixed close button in sidebar
Walnut/walnut2: fixed tabbox borders in messenger
Fixed profile selector dialog
Fixed about:privatebrowsing, about:neterror and about:certerror
Nautipolis: more consistent focus bar throughout (outline->box-shadow)
Bug 362933 - Event dialog: Customize Toolbar dialog should offer more buttons for functionality
Messengercompose: Move "to:" field close button to the end. Improved person icon
Messengercompose: improve layout of addressingwidget.

버전 2.0.21 981.7 kB 작동 버전 SeaMonkey 2.1 - 2.24

Some more fixes to get up to date with 2.24.
Toolbarbuttons should now behave better with vertical/horizontal alignment.

버전 980.6 kB 작동 버전 SeaMonkey 2.1 - 2.24

Updated to SeaMonkey 2.24.
Included are a lot of minor refinements and improvements from the Firefox/Thunderbird editions, such as improved Addons Manager layout, mail/browser tabs.

버전 1.8.76 972.8 kB 작동 버전 SeaMonkey 2.0 - 2.7a1

Updated to SeaMonkey 2.4.1 (and upto 2.7a1 nightly) with all the changes copied from Firefox and Thunderbird, and some updates to the Seamonkey own additions (download manager, data manager, chatzilla)).

버전 1.8.56 909.3 kB 작동 버전 SeaMonkey 2.0a - 2.1a1pre

Fixed feed view, fixed missing RSS button in URL bar.
Fixed url autocomplete panel.
Added icons for Fullscreen and Maximize.
More spacing in menu's before/after accellator/short-cut key.
Bug 534163: Reset cursor on popups.

버전 1.8.54 874.5 kB 작동 버전 SeaMonkey 2.0a - 2.1a1pre

Fixed alignment of toolbarbuttons for 'Show text behind icon'.
Fixed Location toolbar in Mail&Newsgroup window.
Fixed toolbargrippies in Mail&Newsgroup window.
Fixed tabbar in Mail&Newsgroup window.
Fixed minimonth in today pane.
Fixed 'Completed' dropdown button in taskpane.
Fixed missing 'Junk' button icon.
Fixed Chatzilla layout.

버전 1.8.53 871.4 kB 작동 버전 SeaMonkey 2.0a - 2.1a1pre