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이름 blassey
가입한 날짜 January 14, 2008
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Helper Apps 추천

Finds apps that can handle the content on the page

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ThunderShot Requires Restart

Create screenshots of emails

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Really shows what can be done with geolocation in the browser

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Auto Dial 3D

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Very cool. I'd make two suggestions if you are actively updating this.

* Highlight the url bar after page load. After installing this addon, I need to explicitly click the url bar before typing.
* Perhaps the thumbnails would be more recognizable if it was only the top left quarter of what you currently show. That's usually where the identifiable title or logo is.

It also may be interesting to see how websites relate to each other. For instance 40 times out of 90 I go to website X from website Y, so when I open a new tab from website Y, website X should be right below my cursor. Just a thought, I have no idea if its useful or possible.