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가입한 날짜 February 7, 2012
개발한 부가 기능 수 부가 기능 5개
이 개발자의 부가 기능의 평균 별점 5점중 4점 받음

제작한 부가 기능

BlockSite Requires Restart

BlockSite is an extension, which automagically blocks websites of your choice. Additionally, this extension will disable all hyperlinks to these websites, by just displaying the link text without the clicking functionality.

5점중 3점 받음 (548)
사용자 194,276명

Fasterfox Lite Requires Restart

Fasterfox Lite: Performance and network tweaks for Firefox, without the Enhanced Prefetching. This is a fork from the original "Fasterfox".

5점중 4점 받음 (251)
사용자 62,082명

Weather Now Requires Restart

You will immediately see the weather condition at you current location or any other place you add.

5점중 2점 받음 (20)
사용자 1,253명

Handy Maps Requires Restart

You can find any address anywhere in the world.

5점중 3점 받음 (7)
사용자 19명

Wiki Requires Restart

Wiki gives you the fastest direct access to all the knowledge that is on Wikipedia.

5점중 2점 받음 (4)
사용자 165명

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