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이름 pos1t1ve
가입한 날짜 March 31, 2008
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Live Start Page LST

Live new tab page: living photos in your browser, weather, to-do list, and bookmark tiles

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Easy Copy Paste Requires Restart

No more Ctrl+C / V. Fastest way to copy and paste. Copy with and without formatting! Quickly Tun On and OFF copy paste feature when you need it.

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Safe Preview Requires Restart

Before to jump to any website, make sure that it is safe. Check suspicious links on Google Advisory, McAfee, Norton Safe Web, WOT, Avast, TrustWave, DrWeb.

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Flash Video Downloader - YouTube HD Download [4K]

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It's not true.
As carlcic said thst:
It works with more tube sites not mentioned in the description.

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