Nancy Gonzales

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이름 Nancy Gonzales
사는 곳 New York
직업 Web designer
가입한 날짜 March 18, 2013
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Nancy is a web designer and loves to spend her time reading books and playing games on her iPhone. She is a big fan of firefox web browser and is here to help users.

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SeoQuake SEO extension

5점중 5점 받음

A must have toolbar for everyone who wishes to indulge in web development and marketing, apart from a few hassles and over filled with features, you will not have any problem with this plugin.
One issue that I personally faced was when I clicked the seoquake icon, and re enabled it, the toolbar used to show up over the url address bar and not below it.

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iPhone AppStore

not supported ff19 5점중 3점 받음

seems like the addon is not supported on the firefox 19 would love to see an update on this addon.

Redfly SEO Global For Google Search™

amazing tool 5점중 5점 받음

This addon makes the job of an SEO easy by searching the keyword in a specific country. You should use it if you are into internet marketing and wish to check the keyword ranking of your site in a specific country like google australia, US, UK etc.


5점중 5점 받음

A great tool for development and editing a html page on the fly, but the major problem I face is with adding extra lines of codes, it should work in harmony with web developer tool.

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Video DownloadHelper

Great plugin 5점중 5점 받음

This is an amazing plugin which will help you download videos from nearly any flash or flv site. Though it should be able to copy videos from temp to our save folder rather than downloading separately.

이 평가는 현재 부가 기능의 이전 버전 (에 대한 것입니다.