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이름 Baris Derin
가입한 날짜 January 30, 2009
개발한 부가 기능 수 부가 기능 46개
이 개발자의 부가 기능의 평균 별점 5점중 4점 받음

제작한 부가 기능

YouTube Video Player Speed

YouTube Video Player Speed play YouTube videos in whatever speed you want

5점중 5점 받음 (2)
사용자 18,339명

YouTube Flash Video Player

YouTube Flash Video Player is a powerful tool that will let you choose Flash video player as default YouTube video player.

5점중 5점 받음 (51)
사용자 283,611명

YouTube High Definition 추천

YouTube High Definition is a powerful tool that will let you automatically play all YouTube videos in HD (High Definition), turn off annotations, change video player size, auto stop videos, auto mute videos, control embedded videos and much more.

5점중 5점 받음 (241)
사용자 285,517명

YouTube Video Download & Convert

YouTube Video Download and Convert is the powerful add-on that lets you collect all media information available on YouTube. Advanced power panel lets you download, preview, play with and convert all media right inside Firefox.

5점중 5점 받음 (2)
사용자 48,129명

Theme Font & Size Changer 추천

Theme Font & Size Changer lets you change the global font size and font family used for the user interface in Firefox. Design your browser with your favorite font.

5점중 5점 받음 (228)
사용자 98,196명

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