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이름 lovelywcm
가입한 날짜 April 4, 2008
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AutoProxy 다시 시작 필요

Are you concerned about your privacy? Or, are you blocked from some websites by a firewall? And, are you arming yourself with a proxy? In that case, AutoProxy is designed for you! A tool to help you use your proxy automatically & efficiently.

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Enter Selects

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Works great!

이 평가는 현재 부가 기능의 이전 버전 (6.1-signed)에 대한 것입니다. 

Menu Editor

5점중 5점 받음

Thanks for keep this working and celebrate for 8 years birthday!

Hope that it can support bookmark menu customization.

Easy DragToGo+

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Great, it works!

이 평가는 현재 부가 기능의 이전 버전 (에 대한 것입니다. 

Easy DragToGo

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fabulous drag & drop gesture addon, now it supports Firefox 4 (see comment below)!

Walnut for Firefox

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이 평가는 현재 부가 기능의 이전 버전 (1.8.30)에 대한 것입니다.