Justin Scott (fligtar)

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이름 Justin Scott (fligtar)
사는 곳 San Francisco Bay Area
직업 Add-ons Product Manager @ Mozilla
홈페이지 http://www.fligtar.com/
가입한 날짜 March 5, 2007
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Hi! My name's Justin Scott, and I work on the add-ons team at Mozilla trying to make the experience of this website and add-ons in general better for everyone.

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Password Exporter

This extension allows you to export your saved passwords and disabled login hosts using XML or CSV files that can be imported later.

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사용자 162,998명

FavLoc 다시 시작 필요

FavLoc allows you to set folders as "favorite locations" to which you can easily download. FavLoc menus will appear on the File menu (for saving pages), the context menu (for saving images and links), and on the download...

5점중 4점 받음 (61)
사용자 14명

Where Am O?

A helpful extension for AMO developers

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사용자 1명

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