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이름 Ed
직업 Student
홈페이지 http://www.ednovak.net/
가입한 날짜 June 27, 2011
개발한 부가 기능 수 부가 기능 2개
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Custom New Tab 재시작 필요 없음

Load any URL you want when a new tab is opened. Simple and easy solution to the new "Suggested Tiles" tiles feature and the only add-on to place the focus intelligently on the chosen web page (like a search engine's search box) or in the URL bar!

5점중 4점 받음 (110)
사용자 14,475명

History Janitor

Firefox does not give an option to remove the oldest entries from the history. History Janitor automatically purges history entries on Firefox startup. The user is allowed to specify a number of days. Everything older than this number is deleted!

5점중 3점 받음 (12)
사용자 2,163명

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5점중 5점 받음

This add-on works perfectly and blocks all those annoying auto-play movie style ads that many sites have!

이 평가는 현재 부가 기능의 이전 버전 (에 대한 것입니다. 

Adblock Plus

5점중 5점 받음

If you're not using this add-on you're living in the dark ages.

이 평가는 현재 부가 기능의 이전 버전 (에 대한 것입니다. 

Facebook Blocker

Better Than Mine! 5점중 5점 받음

I had just finished writing on add-on that removed the facebook cookies whenever the user left facebook. This is a much bette solution because it doesn't log you out of facebook!

이 평가는 현재 부가 기능의 이전 버전 (1.0.1-signed.1-signed)에 대한 것입니다. 


5점중 4점 받음

Add-on works great. I do not like the icons. For some reason on my system (Debian 6.0, icedove 3.0.x) the next button is a small brush (usually meaning clear) and the previous button is a package looking icon.