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이름 Peter Keefe
사는 곳 Illinois
직업 Student
가입한 날짜 7 10, 2008
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Cubs Theme 다시 시작 필요

A theme for the Chicago Cubs!

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Firefox Share (alpha)

5점중 3점 받음

Google+ capability would be great. Also, sharing to multiple social networks at once would be great (since networks like Facebook and Google+ use similar post methods). Also, as with any alpha, the UI isn't very sleek, but I'm sure this will be overhauled. Great concept, I hope to see implementation in a future FF release.

이 평가는 현재 부가 기능의 이전 버전 (0.2.2)에 대한 것입니다. 

Google Music Hotkeys

5점중 5점 받음

Works great! Is there any way you could make this work outside of firefox? While using any application? Maybe have a look at how Winamp manages its hotkeys, as they work even when Winamp is minimized.

이 평가는 현재 부가 기능의 이전 버전 (0.1.1-signed.1-signed)에 대한 것입니다. 

AppTab Nav-B-Gone

5점중 5점 받음

Great addon! SoapyHamHocks -- you should upload your add-on to the firefox addon site so more users can find the original thing. Although this supposed rip-off works fine for me.

이 평가는 현재 부가 기능의 이전 버전 (0.9.1-signed.1-signed)에 대한 것입니다. 

Xmarks Sync

5점중 5점 받음

The toolbar button could use some work for Firefox 4. Try to mimic the Xmark's chrome extension or LastPass's Firefox toolbar button.

However, this app saves me so much hassle, with 3 computers. Thank you!

이 평가는 현재 부가 기능의 이전 버전 (에 대한 것입니다. 


5점중 5점 받음

Woot! Great theme. Thanks a bunch for all the hard work and keep it up!

이 평가는 현재 부가 기능의 이전 버전 (0.5.7)에 대한 것입니다. 

Easy Pandora

5점중 4점 받음

Does this support Pandora One? I cannot seem to get it to work. It possibly may be the different URL that Pandora One uses ( Please let me know if this is an easy fix.

이 평가는 현재 부가 기능의 이전 버전 (1.1)에 대한 것입니다. 

Tab buttons

5점중 5점 받음

Please update for 3.5. Great addon. Thanks.


5점중 5점 받음

Great add-on. Its been very useful. Thanks.

이 평가는 현재 부가 기능의 이전 버전 (3.0.0)에 대한 것입니다. 

Mozilla Labs - Snowl

5점중 3점 받음

I personally am not much of a RSS reader. However, i was hoping that this application would support instant messages, but i was wrong. IF that could be worked into this app then that would be really neat.

이 평가는 현재 부가 기능의 이전 버전 (0.1)에 대한 것입니다.