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이름 DW-dev
가입한 날짜 April 29, 2008
개발한 부가 기능 수 부가 기능 16개
이 개발자의 부가 기능의 평균 별점 5점중 4점 받음

제작한 부가 기능

Print Edit 다시 시작 필요 추천

Allows editing of web page content while in Print Preview mode, prior to printing or saving as HTML or PDF. Compacts the layout and removes unwanted content such as adverts, sidebars and blank pages. Any element can be formatted, hidden or deleted.

5점중 5점 받음 (294)
사용자 99,641명

Zoom Page 다시 시작 필요

Full featured zoom manager with independent page and image zoom modes. Choose from four zoom modes: Default Zoom, Fit-To-Width, Default Zoom + Site Specific or Fit-To-Width + Site Specific. Button style and zoom levels are fully configurable.

5점중 5점 받음 (172)
사용자 84,372명

Tile Tabs 다시 시작 필요 추천

Displays tabs in tiled layouts in Firefox. Arrange tiles horizontally, vertically or in a grid. Resize tiles by dragging splitter bars. Tabs and links can be dragged to open in other tiles. Supports multiple tiled layouts. Works with tab groups.

5점중 5점 받음 (241)
사용자 66,056명

Calendar Tweaks 다시 시작 필요

Allows several tweaks to the Thunderbird/Lightning calendar user interface including new selection styles and repeating event icons. Mimics the colors and styles found in MS Outlook.

5점중 4점 받음 (56)
사용자 11,326명

Zoom Page WE Compatible with Firefox 57+

Zoom web pages (either per-site or per-tab) using full-page zoom, text-only zoom, automatic fit-to-width and minimum font size.

5점중 5점 받음 (14)
사용자 631명

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Unfortunately is not e10s compatible. 5점중 3점 받음

Good add-on, but only works with Firefox, and is not multi-process (e10s) compatible.

If you just want to save web pages, a great alternative is Save Page WE.

Save Page WE is e10s compatible, works on both Firefox and Chrome, and saves files that are highly accurate and can be opened in any browser.