Jennifer Madden

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이름 Jennifer Madden
사는 곳 USA
가입한 날짜 3 5, 2007
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While teaching a web publishing class at a local community college (hooray for community colleges!), I began creating images of HTML snippets with color coding added. It was a fast, intuitive way for students to learn HTML.

By the time Firefox came along with its nifty ability to extend the browser, I was ready to begin working on my obsession with finding a better way to view source code.

View Source Chart soon emerged, offering a remarkably efficient way to analyze page source.

I am delighted this tool is helping developers work more efficiently, and that it has become an indispensable teaching aid to those new to HTML. After all, everyone should know HTML, and those who know it well should 'work smart'.

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Enables accelerated human processing of DOM

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No Tooltip Timeout

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Another subtle improvement that makes a world of difference. Thank you for bringing this to everyone's attention.

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