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Automatically get the lowest price on whatever you’re buying

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BargainMatch pays you up to 30% cash back on everything you buy from over 1,700 online merchants, with integrated coupons that actually work. Since BargainMatch works both when you visit merchants and search, getting the best price is effortless.

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MyCoupons Add-on

Get Online Coupon Codes for your favorite sites, and it also shows you discounted Gift Card Codes! No other toolbar does this for all of your favorite online merchants! Stays hidden until savings are available, no annoying popups.

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Deals - All-in-one Internet Search (SSL & TLS)

Deals - The #1 Deals Search Add-on - Search 100s of deal websites! - Deals, Coupons, & Freebies - "A must have add-on for daily deals." Binary App Dev (End-to-End Encryption & Secure Encrypted SSL Suggestions)

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Online shoppen und dabei Geld sparen können Sie mit passenden Gutscheincodes der jeweiligen online Shops. Das Tool informiert Sie automatisch über passende Gutscheine, sobald Sie einen online Shop besuchen, der Gutscheincodes akzeptiert.

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Notifies you if the current website you are shopping at has coupon codes available.

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Mit dem GutscheinStore.com Addon verpasst du keinen Gutschein mehr. Es benachrichtigt dich automatisch über aktuell vorhandene Gutscheine während du auf Webseiten von Online-Shops surfst.

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GutscheinWurst.de Suche

Dieses Add-on fügt Gutscheinwurst.de in die Liste der Suchmaschinen hinzu.

Damit kannst du, direkt aus deinem Firefoxbrowser aus, in der Datenbank von Gutscheinwurst.de nach gültigen Gutscheinen und Gutscheincodes suchen. Super praktisch!

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Are you searching for coupons codes and discounts? At Webshopcoupons.com we work hard to find you the best deals online!

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Extrabux - Cash Back & Coupons 재시작 필요 없음

Earn 1-30% cash back and get exclusive coupons on every purchase at more than 2,000 online retailers. When you visit a supported retailer’s website, a discreet message bar notifies you of cash back and available coupons. Otherwise, it stays hidden.

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Spific - Customized Google search

Take your "Googling" to the max with Spific! By using Spific you gain access to thousands of hours of human categorization of search results as well as many powerful but hidden Google features.

Give it a try - We're sure you'll like it!

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Gutschein-Finder von Viele-Gutscheine.de 재시작 필요 없음

Benachrichtigt automatisch über mögliche Gutscheine, Rabatte, Coupons und Sonderaktionen beim Online-Shopping im Internet.

Wenn Sie einen Shop besuchen für den Gutscheine oder besondere Angebote hinterlegt sind, werden Sie automatisch informiert.

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PriceGong - Automatic Price Comparison Addon for Firefox.

PriceGong detects the product you are looking for and automatically searches thousands of vendors for more deals and better price. PriceGong also shows you coupons for the site you are visiting, allowing you to use those coupons while you purchase.

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Buckts - Facebook, RSS Reader, Shopping Discounts

Buckts is a Firefox add-on that helps you stay connected to the things you do most on the web: Socializing (Facebook), Searching (Google), Shopping (discounts and coupons) and Staying current to the latest news from your favorite sites (RSS feeds).

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Lassen Sie keine Gelegenheit mehr aus, beim Online-Shopping Geld zu sparen! Sobald Sie einen Shop besuchen, für den auf GuteGutscheine.de Gutscheine oder besondere Angebote hinterlegt sind, werden Sie automatisch informiert.

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Das Gutschein Add-On informiert Sie mit einem kleinem Statussymbol und einer Infoleiste, Auf Gutscheincode finden Sie hunderte von aktuellen Gutscheinen für hunderte von Online-Shops. Gutscheincode ist zu 100% kostenlos.

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Ebates Cash Back Button

The Ebates Cash Back Button makes earning Cash Back and finding Hot Deals easier than ever.

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Coupns Australia 재시작 필요 없음

Get instant access to hundreds of coupons whilst you shop! Simply browse your favourite Australian online shopping sites as normal. The Coupns extension will let you know when we find any active coupons for the store you're visiting.

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Coupon Periscope

CouponPeriscope automatically shows you all available coupon codes for the shopping site you are visiting.

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Shopping - All-in-one Internet Search (SSL & TLS)

Shopping - The #1 Shopping Search Add-on - Download Now - Free & Unlimited - "A must have add-on for shopping." - Deals & Discounts - Binary App Dev (End-to-End Encryption & Secure Encrypted SSL Suggestions)

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